what did we discover: about what i post

i've discovered (and really this probably should have come to my realization a lot earlier than this but for some reason just didn't occur to me) that people that read my blog would be a lot more interested (not that they aren't or aren't to some degree) if i wrote more often about myself.

the thing is, i'm just really not that interested in revealing personal things about myself on a regular basis on the very public thing that is the Web. i do not find it a cathartic exercise.

this image has little to do with the content of this post, but i do like milk tea.

sometimes i feel incredibly compelled to type out things that mean something more to me than just designers i like or things i come across and find fascinating (which is the majority of my blog posts) and sometimes i even type out drafts that i never publish.

there is some set of unspoken guidelines that i have enforced upon myself concerning what did we learn's content. and at least for now that's the way things will continue to be.


Amy + Dianne said...

i want to read more about you!!


charlotte said...

it started out personal didn't it? what happened?

i try to think of it not really as cathartic but a practice in articulation of thought...which really is rather difficult

charis said...

actually it didn't start out personal. ok maybe to a closer degree. but really not - if you go back in time, my first post was a movie review. hah.

i like to articulate my thoughts about art. that's difficult too.

charis said...

i don't mind. there isn't really one preferred way to me.

Anonymous said...
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