what did we LOVE: bembo's zoo

"...the picture book debut of deVicq de Cumptich, should delight collectors of stylish picture books and aficionados of the graphic arts." - Publisher's Weekly


The entire alphabet A - Z of animals from "Antelope" to "Zebra," with things like iguanas, octopuses and flamingos in between, crafted entirely out of the Bembo typeface. It's pretty much amazing. This man (Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich) has skills beyond belief in having been able to make the likenesses of 26 animals out of the letters in their names. Recommeded for viewing by my type core studio teacher. Was a children's book before it became an entertaining flash website! Would love to own it though just clicking on the site is fairly satisfying.


what did we cheer on

so i know my roommate strongly strongly disagrees with this.
but it was kind of nice not having internet. it was pleasant to not be dependent on it. and to be able to take a break from the constant connectivity, permanent distraction, overflowing information and images that are all what make the internet what it is.

but i did miss blogging. so here i am, trying to blog consistently amidst all of the academics and internship and work and having something of a social life...

(thank you janice for loving polaroids so much.)

here's to fall 2009 (though i'm already a month into the school year) and all it may bring.


what did we think: S2010 RTW

thoughts on (a few of) spring 2010 RTW shows...
(or what i do at work when there's nothing else to do...)

[images chosen mostly as personal favorites of collections (except for derek lam)]

(like the jacket on img 1, outfit of img 2)

alexander wang: loving the neutrals, beiges, greys and browns reminiscent of an older and more traditional amercian university time; odd corsets and different shapes; where's waldo?; repeat and repeat and repeat....; soo....schoolgirl fetish?

cushnie et ochs: shiny shiny; clinging curvy cut outs cohering; form fitting; tailored tight flesh and black party

shipley and halmos: pattern used well that i like; models are actually incredibly distracting in this lookbook; fond of loose jackets, fond of simplicity and slightly belonging to the uniqlo aesthetic...(?); where's waldo again?

derek lam: why retro? reminiscent of past being out than past being in; hodge podge bright turquoise, starry starry and floral everywhere; older cuts, older pieces, older...hairstyles

thakoon: varied patterns put together and done well; mix of colors make for soft but still energized; pinned and then flowing, flow and then pinned

all photos from style.com

what did we show: richard chai spring 2010

richard chai love spring 2010

favorite parts are the loose perfect fit of everything, concept as girlfriend of main menswear line, the amazingly tailored jackets, the extremely comfortable looking pants, shorts and jumper; not in love with the patterns but i wasn't last year either...also i know everyone's been saying it but the fact that fashion week runway shows are wearable makes so much sense.

photos of favs.
(also here's a link to my friend amy's post on richard chai (she interns there so it's extra special!))
(i have also tried to ignore what she posted as her fav...and i'm not sure the result. i'm sure she'll analyze it..)

all photos from style.com

what did we watch: flash mob dance

my sister sent me this link in her comment to the post below and because it registers on my "wow that was insanely cool" scale i'm reposting it here:


21,000 people, huge fans of oprah, (and probably the black eyed peas too) perform one of the world's LARGEST DANCES to the song "i gotta feeling"

it's so crazy that so many people could be organized and rehearsed enough to pull something like this off.
but as i sent in an email to my sister in reply to her having given me this link....kind of scary too. i mean. aren't there better things to be organized for? like peaceful protests, rallying against things or in support of other things?

just some thoughts that ran through my mind while watching it.

i'm also posting the mv to the song because it's kind of just really catchy and feel good : p (don't shoot me down)


what did we spot: SATC

today sex and the city is being filmed in soho.
parked on prince street between greene and w. broadway are all the cast trailers. walking to and from the park on 6th ave and prince on my lunch break i managed to see all four of the stars (walk past them in close proximity...): kristin davis, sarah jessica parker, cynthia nixon and kim catrall (in that order)

today i love the fact that i work at nylon AND that the nylon office is where it is.

hah. i feel like i finally have a legit answer to the question i always get asked because i happen to go to school in nyc. "have you seen any celebrities?" yes. yes i have.

(oh and i know i'm crazy but these are the outfits: kristin davis: emerald green sleeveless very ruffly dress, sarah jessica parker: just spaghetti strap and leggings, cynthia nixon: patterned sleeveless summer dress, kim catrall: jeweled necklace and bright light blue sleeveless v neck dress)

what did we read: the critical of design

while reading a mandatory essay (the critical of design by clive owen) for intro to design studies, i actually grew interested (this tends to happen to me. maybe i should have gone into academia...)
and here are a few quotes about design.

(how dorky is it of me that in the last two weeks of school i have legitimately read and taken notes on twelve full length essays? i feel good and pretty pleased about the whole soaking up knowledge like a sponge business going down here despite my attendance at a design school)

"But if "individual designers and the discipline as a whole are seldom more than superficially aware of their role in the staging of the cultural environment' this is not because of inherent qualities or conditions within design but because 'designers...fail to reflect critically upon the conditions in which their action comes about.""

"Dispossessed of the insights that a critical perspective - and only this - can provide, design loses sight of its own work and of the contexts in which it operates."

"Critical comprehension of design possibility requires an understanding of the depth of the historical changes that are now beginning to become evident."

"we are beginning to perceive that our comprehension of who we are and even more of who and what we might be depends on how we understand the artificial..."


what did we attend: fashion's night out

fashion's night out (bergdorf goodman window)

a phone conversation with janice september 10th around 10 pm:

me: we're at dkny! coco rocha is dancing!
janice: what? i can't hear you.
janice: WHAT?! ok ok, we're coming.

(but they didn't. except they did see grace coddington at prada!)

people practically crammed like sardines trying to see MK&A (barney's 3rd floor)

prada's adorable little red riding hood window display

coco rocha striking a pose before dancing

coco again. posing.

dj and talented violinist at dkny post coco dancing

coco and me : ) (she's slouching very much so)


about food. about text.

busy of late. school started. work started.
been at nylon two days, been to all of my 6 classes (and two recitations) the other three days.

i make a pretty good sandwich
and a decent salad and for some reason have been eating a lot of eggplant.

i must be in the right major. because even when there are those around me feeling bored, feeling restless, wanting to learn something else...i really do love my classes. and my teachers. and what i will be learning. i love type and i want to be good at it.

i get the feeling i'll be working towards that. i also feel incredibly fortunate to be at nylon.
no part of me foresaw this whole summer and fall internship thing going down.

i have no appropriate commentary for "sucker."
i wouldn't mind a lollipop but i had mochi tonight and a sample of cereal milk ice cream.


what did we watch: love in first person


while scanning through lelove images yesterday night (in between filling in 8 letter g's for class...via an HB pencil) i came across this image and this 11 minute short film/photo documentary about a young couple's life: matt and melissa eich. i must confess i was a tiny bit sceptical at first (not that drawn in by the intro image i confess) but the narrative is really very good and the photographs shown throughout taken by either one of the couple and some ten friends are amazing. the lighting, emotion, setting - all of it. so click through.


love in the first person

"One year ago Matt Eich, 20, and Melissa Turk, 19, were typical college students. Then, everything started changing. Matt won the prestigious College Photographer of the Year contest, Melissa found out she was pregnant, they got married and moved from Ohio to Portland, OR, for Matt's summer internship.

In Love in the First Person, Matt and Melissa, with help from their friends, document their life together as they share their thoughts and fears on the sudden changes in their future. They come to realize that, as Matt says, "Nothing good comes without some sort of struggle," and that beginning a life together is as much about faith as it is about commitment."

(blurb from site)

matt eich's photography

what did we peruse: codes combine

on monday while scanning pages of nylon korea i came across this ad for a korean clothing company called codes combines with some fairly eye catching outfits (in my opinion) and while their site is pretty cool looking and appears easy to browse...very few links actually generate images on the screen. (hence screenshots of their intro images)
it's a strange thing.

but what i could find looks pretty good to me.