change or otherwise

i think it's commonly understood that change is often slightly frightening. we enjoy being where we are, being who we are, existing in the same world we're accustomed to. and the concept of all those things breaking apart and replaced by something new is, frankly, intimidating.

yet, i've recently learned that imagining staying stationary can be equally unpleasant. i think we're frightened by the idea of living forever. humans may seem to covet it - but i can't imagine things never coming to some sort of end. the importance of mortal life is it's temporary quality. to be honest with myself. the idea of living forever in heaven is beyond my mind's grasp.

it's funny. if humans can't handle change and can't handle a static state - we can't exist through much at all. it may be a bit early for me to say - but i think conquering those two fears is what the last half a year has been about for me. no longer wondering if i'm content remaining in the relationships i'm in and the career path i've chosen but realizing i am. no longer fearing what will be tomorrow or the next month or this summer or this fall or three years from now but accepting the change that will occur.


studio of our own

so jenny oh had to take some of the new school academic technology lighting equipment out for her 2dis project. and since we had it around anyway. we decided we might as well take advantage of it like good spontaneous artistic students we are with work to do that we try to put off for as long as possible. so i have 184 photos of this evening's photo shoot activities. here are exactly three of them because showing the other 181 would be too much. despite their entertainment value.
again - the color quality is significantly better not on blogspot. i have yet to figure out why. we're so cute janice - we must develop this and put this on our door.
we love this hallway so much. i will miss you union square 7A.


take advantage of clear skies

gorgeous sunset at battery park, great timing

red door janice wanted us to take pictures in front of... hah

somehow the color on blogspot doesn't show up as amaaazing, but the color in this blue sky was unbelievable.

i love good weather. after having lived through the freezing winter here in nyc...and toronto..and philly...and bethlehem...i completely appreciate clear skies, bright sun and good days to walk all around the city in. it makes me feel so good inside.

on those days i could walk around forever.

is how i feel inside. it's true : )

being tall being short being school spirit

above --- janice's shoes from steve madden $40 on sale. 4.5" hiiiigh they make me taller than janice heheheheh - only in heels though. next pic? me flat foot and short again. oh well.

me / amanda / janice --- empire of 2008 pride

ta da! though you can only really see the lily and the musical notes of the singing hedgehog. yes, we love our class and like to dork out in our matching hoodies.

today i learned (and helped along in learning by chasingfivetwo): sometimes we try to be nice, sometimes we try to do what's right, sometimes we're selfish bitches.


acceptance of / admission into

some 2dis work that i've done this semester, four compositions. the assignment involves connecting a famous photo (in my case the little rock 9) and an old family photo via a storyline. my connection involves the fact that my parents went to an american university and were accepted as a minority into a previously all white school - partially as a result of the desegregation of schools back in the 1950s.


james jean: kindling

i adore james jean. thank you vania and christal for the infatuation. he is amazing.

his pencil sketches in and of themselves, the size of an A4 sheet of paper or smaller, are masterpieces alone. the detail he manages to fit into completely accurate proportionally and realistic figures is mind boggling. the lightest lines are entirely manipulated and controlled. specific motifs crop up again and again in all of his work so that a viewer is always sure that this is truly his. strings, cabbages, missing limbs, swans and faceless children all fascinate the imagination. i love the surreal quality, the floating soft mysticism, the fanciful color and crowded aspects accompanied with expanses of perfect color. james jean. to have your inspiration....

plus you're taiwanese, just turning 30 and have sold almost all the pieces shown at the jonathan levine gallery in chelsea from jan 10 through feb 7.

i could post so many photos. but that's what links are for:
click click click click click ------> JAMES JEAN: KINDLING