being tall being short being school spirit

above --- janice's shoes from steve madden $40 on sale. 4.5" hiiiigh they make me taller than janice heheheheh - only in heels though. next pic? me flat foot and short again. oh well.

me / amanda / janice --- empire of 2008 pride

ta da! though you can only really see the lily and the musical notes of the singing hedgehog. yes, we love our class and like to dork out in our matching hoodies.

today i learned (and helped along in learning by chasingfivetwo): sometimes we try to be nice, sometimes we try to do what's right, sometimes we're selfish bitches.


Christal said...

hahaha you learned from me? lol. that's good, that's good. xP..boo you make me wanna post pictures.

charis said...

post pictures then : )
yeaaaaaah i did learn from you
it's tough