change or otherwise

i think it's commonly understood that change is often slightly frightening. we enjoy being where we are, being who we are, existing in the same world we're accustomed to. and the concept of all those things breaking apart and replaced by something new is, frankly, intimidating.

yet, i've recently learned that imagining staying stationary can be equally unpleasant. i think we're frightened by the idea of living forever. humans may seem to covet it - but i can't imagine things never coming to some sort of end. the importance of mortal life is it's temporary quality. to be honest with myself. the idea of living forever in heaven is beyond my mind's grasp.

it's funny. if humans can't handle change and can't handle a static state - we can't exist through much at all. it may be a bit early for me to say - but i think conquering those two fears is what the last half a year has been about for me. no longer wondering if i'm content remaining in the relationships i'm in and the career path i've chosen but realizing i am. no longer fearing what will be tomorrow or the next month or this summer or this fall or three years from now but accepting the change that will occur.

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