BKLYN: fred flare

fred flare: cute cute cute little store in brooklyn at leonard st and meserole ave intersection. craftsy artsy books. hand drawn tags with little flowers smiling on them. cups with which you can pretend you're married, sunglasses of all colors and types galore and long dangly necklaces of keys, harmonicas, and such.

amazingly friendly salespeople that were happy to talk to us about parsons, art, their wonderful tiny online shopping turned actual boutique store and whatever we were perusing.

also sells lomography cameras, a variety of clothing and printed totes, gadgets you feel you want but don't really need, quirky clever stationary and odd trinkets you're not sure who invents.

oh amy. stole her photo off her camera. you're so cute.
another photo taken from amy's slr. have i mentioned i'd like a digital slr? i would.

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