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official change of url to www.whatdidwe.blogspot.com - reasons behind it are
1. pooncharis was really a not creative moment for me
2. whatdidwelearn was taken by someone who wrote one post in april 07
3. whatdidwe is pleasantly open ended to being "whatdidwedo" "whatdidwehear" "whatdidwetaste" "whatdidwefeel" "whatdidwerealize" "whatdidwewear" etc.

SHIN TANAKA:::japanese artist with amazing amazing skill, ingenuity, talent and artistic style.
all of the above pictures feature PAPER TOYS other than the addidas x shin tanaka shoes, the poster and the vinyl doll next to the poster. he creates and colors templates and pieces them together and they are hoooooot commodities.

he is from fukuoka, japan and is THE origami folder to say the least. started by creating paper shoes cause he couldn't afford the nice ones he wanted and now has collab with both addidas and nike - distinctive graffiti graphic style you can't miss.

"NYT: What advice can you give to aspiring artists/designers? Any specific tips on how to promote one’s work or to get exposure to a larger audience?

Shin: I think they should not consider how to promote their works too aggressively, it disturbs ingenious ideas and groundbreaking designs. The most important thing is not to promote their works but to create their original works and show their own style. If they have been keeping their originals, the people who can find some keen insight into the “REAL” must not miss the works."

this is the kind of stuff i want to be.

and here for interview

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