what did we love: oh, snap!

the oh, snap! project

combining photography and tee shirts in one awesome project started in december 2008, amateur and professional photographers are all welcome to submit their photos for consideration to be made into shirts. some of them are pretty awesome though $30 is a bit pricey in my opinion. it is a small project however, there are currently 9 different women's tees and 25 men's tees. they also sell photozines.

check em out - perhaps buy one or submit a photo that could become one!


what did we love: KMR

led to KMR by ffffound...
and put up four consecutive tumblr posts of her work, i'm newly in love with this Japanese graphic artist KMR. i still don't know anymore about her yet. also because i can't read japanese and maybe her site would provide me with more information if i could.

at any rate. her pieces are gorgeous, the colors are magnificent, the line work so delicate and right. and there are just so many to look at so even if you don't like some you're bound to like at least one. i also love how she chose to post huge images of her work online.

definitely will keep looking at her work for more inspiration and to continue admiring it.


what did we bake: cupcake pops!

cupcake pops!

came across this wonderful wonderful baked goodie: cupcake pops.
recipes and images and lots of cute and wonderful sweet treat ideas for pops and bites all from bakerella.
it's endless. sugar on a stick decorated nicely.

cupcake bites without the stick

smiley faces?

or hello kitty if that's how you roll.

and even just a regular cake pop. : )

man. they're all so cute and not hard to make at all. perfect for absolutely any event with a little creativity and also perfect to make AT some sort of occasion. go wild with that edible icing pen.


what did we wish: where i'd rather be

this is where i want to be instead of in this lab:

doesn't it look amazingly relaxing? mhm. if only.

(all images from graphic-exchange.)