what did we bake: cupcake pops!

cupcake pops!

came across this wonderful wonderful baked goodie: cupcake pops.
recipes and images and lots of cute and wonderful sweet treat ideas for pops and bites all from bakerella.
it's endless. sugar on a stick decorated nicely.

cupcake bites without the stick

smiley faces?

or hello kitty if that's how you roll.

and even just a regular cake pop. : )

man. they're all so cute and not hard to make at all. perfect for absolutely any event with a little creativity and also perfect to make AT some sort of occasion. go wild with that edible icing pen.


InitialDpw said...

dang. looks sick. i'm going to make venus make them for me.

and um...you're right in speculating. i did not read that book. haha. too many books too read.

charis said...

if you make venus make them for you ask her to please make some for me too : )

and phil - now i'll just have to assume you don't read the books you mention! you're two for two now on NOT having read them and me HAVING read them... : (