what did we purchase: UO $5 sale

so urban outfitters was / is having a 5 dollar sale - which will last until july 26. which i got an email about on july 24. so all the photos on this page are of UO items that were being sold for $4.99 USD ($38 HKD) the top two photos are of a tank top and tshirt that i wanted, put in my shopping cart and then discovered they were out of stock...

this scarf and aviator sunglasses i thought about, put in my cart and then ditched.

and these two tank tops i actually bought.

as well as this scarf and necklace.

and they're all being shipped to my apartment in nyc. all in all - i think a good $25 USD spent. ($193 HKD) (including shipping).


what did we apologize for...again

i have been working two jobs for the last four days and will be tomorrow and will be from july 27 to july 31 monday through friday as well. it's a total of ten days working from 8:30 am to about 7:00 pm. that's about a nine hour work day five days a week - 45 hours a week. i commute in between my two jobs and it takes about an hour to an hour and a half of public transportation. i am entirely exhausted at the end of every day.
monday i slept from 5:00 pm in the afternoon to tuesday morning 7:00 am.
so i am apologizing for my absence from this blog that i love and would like to post on all the time.

and i'm done complaining now. i know i made the choice myself and i wanted to be busy and have work to do. both for money and for experience. i just don't think i realized what i stepped into.

what did we visit: LV

i went to the louis vuitton: a passion for creation exhibit at the hong kong museum of art this past sunday july 19. unfortunately - these are practically the only two photos i managed to take because you're not allowed to take photos in the museum. shown here is the triptych by gilbert and george entitled "class war, militant, gateway"dated 1986. the exhibit began may 22 and will last until august.

i particularly liked the takashi murakami section of the exhibition - murakami being one of my favorite artists. i actually liked the part featuring artist collaborations with LV and actual LV history of the three part show the best. the other two parts included one made up of local hong kong artists and one called "the collection, a choice" made up of a variety of large-scale pieces by significant European, American and Chinese artists from the Fondation Louis Vuitton Pour la Creation.

let me reiterate. i love takashi murakami. his art is amazing and i wish i could have taken a million photos. i particularly liked his two short animations.

hong kong museum of art
10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
t# (852) 2721 0116
M - F and Su 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
S 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
closed thursdays

louis vuitton exhibit entrance fee: $30 HKD ($3.87 USD) students half price

what did we watch: the beatles

i love this sooo much.
i realize that this was released a month ago but i neither play rockband or frequently youtube. and i don't even listen to that much of the beatles! nick moy - a friend - posted it on his fb and that is how i was made aware of the existence of this rocking (ahahah) trailer for the beatles on rockband.
"i am the walrus"


what did we LOVE: grafitti

kind of chris kane x banksy (reminded of)

banksy monkey stencil and gorillas holding court

christopher kane gorilla dress and gorilla tshirt: model isa aklof and designer christopher kane

while walking from the bus stop at sogo in causeway bay around 11:30 pm friday night
to get picked up by my cousin near the cricket club i walked down matheson street near times square and came across this really awesome graffiti that i had never seen anything like before in HK.

that may also be because i'm not usually in these areas that late at night so i don't typically see closed store fronts in dark areas.

start from...?



what did we wear: july 17

todays outfit of choice: dark grey delias scoop neck tee + h+m beige button down tank vest (very very soft) + f21 grey distressed jeans + white no brand sneakers

what i tried on (and bought the next day): h+m beige v neck sweater $99 HKD 50% off so $49 HKD ($12.77 50% off $6.32 USD)

what did we shop: vintage online

sold out sonia rykiel cardigan for $134 USD and tamara jumper dress $98 USD


vintage clothing and online shopping combined make for an evening of fun internet surfing. you can shop new, shop vintage, flip through the lookbook or just wish you had money to spend.
here are four of my favorite. i also kind of like the use of the asian model : p

what did we ad: scarlett


new face of mango and kind of steaming hot sultry? she looks good - "chic and independent" according to the mango image. too steamy?


what did we cute: sasha p.!

sasha pivovarova is soooo cute. in h+m ads by terry richardson for F/W 09.

what did we LOVE: my wallet


a new memo pockets moleskine on the left compared to my two year old memo pockets moleskine on the right (a gift from my bf) which functions as my wallet

differences? one's thin still and crisp and sharp parchment yellow. with a still very elasticy band and no tape on it whatsoever. mine? fat, old, taped up completely, falling apart almost entirely but very functional, practical and my beloved still

it's $118 HKD for a new one ($15 USD) i'm considering swapping in but i can't bring myself to just yet....


what did we LOVE: mt



amaaaaaazing packaging design for masking tape of all things.

while in cwb...(same night as my encounter with the bearbrick window)...came across mt tape in the log-on in time square

i love it! it's so well designed and themed, put together and sold.

apparently there are 20 different colors with names like "warabi" (bright purple) and "sora" (robin blue) and "botan" (olive green) and also ones with various designs - made of rice paper, not too sticky and useful. (not that i bought any but this is what the site said...) and you can use it for a multitude of things! to write on, to seal things, to collage, to decorate...etc.

i didn't really pay attention to the price...or it's actual practicality - or any of that. i am just very very attracted to aesthetic, well designed, well packaged things. they make me pick them up and smile like mad and wish i could purchase em immediately.

click click click click click

mt - eng




what did we display: "again"


while in causeway bay (cwb) - we came across this store with what, in my opinion, is an awesome window display. featured in this window are 9 bearbrick plus a tenth larger sized one - all looking pretty snazzy to me. below are my favorite two.

i believe the store sold men's wear. probably expensive tshirts and the like. i didn't go in - the giant orange vinyl "again" was enough of an attraction.






what did we read: (or want to)

four magazines i very very much so wanted to purchase and peruse.
(metrobooks at elements)
for inspiration, for motivation, for knowledge and the expansion of my horizons.
but i think was hindered by price and by weight (since i would definitely have wanted to take them back to nyc with me had i actually acquired them.)
i may still go back to get the idN typography issue....

idN typography issue $90 HKD ($11.6 USD)

proenza schouler magazine - (forgot price)

WeAr global magazine $400 HKD ($51.6 USD) it was incredibly thick. a real tome.

the journal of tshirt culture $110 HKD ($14.2 USD)

what did we laugh at: OH SNAP!

my good friend the orange bee has also posted this great chart from refinery29
but it's just tooooo good to not post up myself : )

and this is the sartorialist. whom i love and whose images i love very much.

now to work on getting a vintage bike / cigarette / pop of color....


what did we wait for: project runway

so project runway is beginning again this fall august 20, 10 pm (two days after i land - except i don't have a tv...ah well) and as part of the summer net surfing i've been doing (terribly little lately as a result of a 40 hour work week..) i checked out all 16 designer's portfolios online and came up with these three as my favorite - go skip over to bravo's website and check em out for yourself and tell me what you think

the site has 44 short questions asked and answers from each designer as well including "favorite colors" and "favorite model" and encompassing "what kind of child were you like" "what kind of housemate are you" - interesting fodder to chew...

there are also really cool home videos / audition tapes / closet tours online available for each designer...but as a result of not being in the usa i can't view them...

malvin vien
"my designs have substance, a philsophy"
age 24 from new york; aspiring fashion designer and favorite designer....himself
parsons AAS alumni, fashion must: "the courage to wear what makes you feel right"; favorite model linda evangelista

ra'mon-lawrence coleman
"I’ll bring a modern aesthetic with a little avant-garde twist that will be fresh and exciting."
age 31 from chicago, IL; designer for Kohl's and favorite designer marc jacobs
SAIC alumni; favorite model chanel iman currently
biggest fear as a designer: "I fear the possibility of my point of view being deemed irrelevant."

irina shabayeva
"i will save the world one dress at a time! the world is waiting."
age 21 from new york; aspiring fashion designer and favorite designer jean paul gaultier
parsons alumni; favorite model christy turlington

it figures my favorite designer of the 16 is a) asian and b) a parsons alumni.