what did we LOVE: my wallet


a new memo pockets moleskine on the left compared to my two year old memo pockets moleskine on the right (a gift from my bf) which functions as my wallet

differences? one's thin still and crisp and sharp parchment yellow. with a still very elasticy band and no tape on it whatsoever. mine? fat, old, taped up completely, falling apart almost entirely but very functional, practical and my beloved still

it's $118 HKD for a new one ($15 USD) i'm considering swapping in but i can't bring myself to just yet....



delaney said...

no don't do it yet! wait until it's an absolute must. the old one has such character :)

charis said...

thanks! i think it has character too. i will wait until something falls out. like cash. or my debit card. ahaha. : p