what did we purchase (and not): H+M

things i wanted to purchase and didn't: white and grey striped tank dress
things i did not ever dream existed: pink tutu dress for grown women

things i tried on and liked but didn't purchase: light grey button up tank top that almost but did not fit quite right (HKD $100 50% off $200; USD $12.9 50% off $25.8)

things i tried on just for kicks: light grey full length baggy jumpsuit (HKD $200 i believe; USD $25.8)

things i tried on AND purchased: light beige grey button up loose super soft tank top worn either buttoned or as vest (HKD $50 50% off $100; USD $6.45 50% off $12.9)
also things my good friend jeanie tried on and purchased and modeled: turquoise button up sweater and black dressy tank top with shelled design on breast

things i love and bought: a wonderful very large beige canvas bag with shoulder straps and longer strap and a purchase that i returned to the store for (HKD $150 50% off $300; USD $19 50% off $38)

we are getting very good at this blurry photo business


Amy + Dianne said...

Is HK h&m cheaper?
Do they carry different things?
(or have i just not gone inside in a long time)


charis said...

ahahaahh ummm
hk H+M may be cheaper because we don't have tax..? iono
and they might carry different things - i feel like there's more stuff here now i like than either chicago or nyc H+M when i was there

but i do believe you haven't been inside in a while...