what did we believe in: let morning shine

(arrow was drawn on to show the way)

(ariana introducing event, both photos credit of joycelyn sun)

let morning shine

i unfortunately have no photos of this event as a result of the fact that we had our own "professional" photographer documenting the entire process (preston hartwick)

the rundown was as follows:
3:00 everyone helping out gets there at and sets up. we all fold a lot of cards for selling, each packet had eight cards and featured one artist (all people we know from my old high school) and 8 of their pieces. we also set up the pieces for auction and prep the sound system and such. (i make a lot of posters.)
7:30 doors open and people all come filing in to look
7:40 (ish?) play LiNK awareness video and ariana introduces the night
7:50 everyone wanders around room, eating refreshments, buying cds, shirts and cards and bidding (or rather...viewing and not bidding) on pieces of art
8:30 (i think) suhail plays and sings a song for the people of north korea
8:45 begin national geographic documentary on north korea
9:30 everyone looks and wanders around room again after documentary ends
9:50 everyone has basically left except for us that are helping out and are friends that enjoy mingling and catching up
11:00 finally leave venue after packing up, give ourselves pats on backs

i would love for all of you to go now and check out LiNK (they also have a blog and a great resources section)
and maybe think about something you could do to help out

our let morning shine: SEEDS event proceeds all go to the bread project which feeds something like thousands of children everyday and SEEDS which is a LiNK project

i could write a million posts on this issue of north korea and what we can do to help. but i would prefer for you to genuinely be interested and seek out ways you can be involved.

"In the mid-1990s, over a million people died on the other side of the world, and hardly anybody noticed. Millions starved, hundreds of thousands were imprisoned in concentration camps, and tens of thousands crossed borders seeking food, money, protection and even freedom that they never knew existed. That place was, and continues to be, a land with virtually no freedoms - of speech, assembly, religion, movement and more.

This is North Korea, and very little has changed since then."

LiNK website

i hope to continue to be involved in this movement.

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