what did we search

does anyone remember my post from may 23rd "what did we invent"?

well it's reality.

TinEye is a reverse image search engine launched early this year and apparently very successful at what it does. you upload an image or plug in the image location and tineye attempts to find it wherever it exists on the interweb. it searches for the specific image uploaded and not the content in the image (which i still dream of happening one day) and their database is still quite small in comparison to the vastness of the internet's contents. but it works! (unfortunately the images i pick to search for must be far too obscure still...wish i could figure out the credits for these images...)

check out this blog post by idee (the company that created tineye) demonstrating the catching of some blatant lying regarding photo credits. this is tineye's explanatory page on the idee website.

"TinEye is like speculative fiction, that is, it meets Clarke's Third Law. 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.'" - David Crow

what did we TYPE: idsgn and HVD freebies

i've come across yet another excellent design blog called idsgn per recommendation from my UT going, photo taking, brand name clothing shopping, (oh and business major) friend geoffrey wong. (who i'm aware stalks my blog occasionally *ahem*)

"idsgn is a blog about the things we see and enjoy (or sometimes hate) as designers. We like to talk about graphic design, branding and typography..."

(published in brooklyn, NY and begun april 5, 2009)

so far i'm pretty much in love with their typography section. but i really think i could flip through the entiiiire site and not grow tired of their original, interesting and very inspiring posts.

really. go check it out now.

and also!

HVD fonts has a ton of freebie fonts for you to try out and download.

what did we browse: "to learn from" additions

some new links in the "to learn from" section that i thought i'd draw your attention to!

california based fashion blogger rumi whose photos/photoshoots are done by her boyfriend colin

because i'm addicted
LA based fashion, music, food, events and the like blogger with many links to other sites

you are beautiful
a long term project with many branches

don't touch my moleskine
assortment of ideas, images and words - blog

site that features multitude of new designs by up and coming designers


what did we watch: the september issue

just watched the september issue with six other girls from parsons and one girl from FIT. general conclusion? we love grace coddington. it's true.

but i have to admit. i also love anna. both anna wintour and grace are such strong, stubborn, genius women. the former has incredible management skills, the ability to organize, to be decisive, to be witty, is intelligent, creative, and very very capable of everything her job entails. the latter has mind blowing styling abilities, is an imaginative romantic to the fullest extent, knows how to consciously think out what works well and looks the best but also simply has instinctive intuitive taste that is 100% reliable.

i also loved seeing the forming on the september issue of amercian vogue (in brief because the almost 6 month process is condensed into a 90 minute film) from start to finish and all the photoshoots, obstacles and arrangements that took place during it's creation. it's an incredbly daunting task and unbelievably complex and practically scary and intimidating from my point of view. the idea of putting together that issue every year and putting all that passion and energy into it is difficult to comprehend.

my fascination with and desire to be in the fashion and magazine industry grows.

(good thing i got that fall nylon internship then)

what did we almost buy: kobraa blk snk flats

so i made a promise of sorts to myself on august 18th on the plane from hong kong to new york. now i'm not sure whether i made it because i was:
a) severely lacking sleep
b) had just read a book with a section about money matters and how to spend wisely and for God
c) completely shopped out from hong kong
d) mildly delusional
(and as always)
e) all of the above

it goes like this (i even wrote it down):
"i will not buy any articles of clothing for myself until 2010."

and now that i've written and published this on the web. it's out there. i'm accountable. to everyone in theory....

here are the shoes i almost almost almost bought today! $50 USD at steve madden plus 25% off so would have been (and still are) around $38 USD. (they're really called kobraa black snake.)


what did we want: Supermarket goods!

the four products below are things i think i would really like to own but will not purchase and were decided upon during my perusal of Supermarket

Supermarket is a site purposefully created "to connect you directly with designers and the great things they make."
so you can sell your work. you can buy other designers greeaat work.
or you can be like me and peruse the site for examples of excellent design and thought and wonder about buying something sometime and whether you should...

2-layer twist ring by nervous system $25 USD

helvetica typography acrylic necklace (black) by plastique* $20 USD

acrylic inverted "diamond" ring by plastique* $10 USD

"i love you more than ____" tote by paperwhite studio $20 USD


what did we derive inspiration from: patterns

tonight's images of inspiration or surfing: patterns. featuring some of my own photos on my new dslr (still playing with it) and looks from matthew williamson and erdem.

own image

matthew williamson - autumn 09 collection

own image

more of matthew williamson autum 09 collection

own image

erdem fall 2009 RTW

erdem fall 2008 RTW

erdem spring 2008 RTW

erdem 2010 RST

what did we read: (or want to) LOVE II

would like to get myself a copy of the new LOVE magazine. soon?

feeling a strange "blogging-block" of some sort on me.
not sure what it is. insecurity? lack of inspiration? school about to start? moving from hk to ny? slow internet? combination of above? seems to be that way.

what did we watch: david letterman

"lukewarm royalty with a whip from outerspace"
- anna wintour on david letterman last night on what she supposedly is according to the media

can't wait to see the september issue.


what did we start anew

i have newly arrived in new york. landed august 18th and my last week in hong kong and my first three days in new york were very busy. that seems to be the most common theme in my life: busy. hopefully i now resume blogging.


first cooked meal in my new kitchen.


new apartment. new room. new set up.


more of the nice new minimalist, white beige colored room.


and as of late possibly THE most exciting? new dslr. (thank you mommy, scot and charlotte for all of your contributions. and thank you summer job for earning me the rest. and thank you God for giving me eyes to see, a desire to take photos, and some actual ability with cameras, plus the gift of the dslr)


what did we want: socks for your chairs

socks for your furniture : )
linked from swiss miss.

socks made by chris&ruby which is all about product and interior design.
it was founded in berlin in 2008 by ruby piterek and christoph mannchen based on a shared view towards design. they say:

"Our work is driven by a versatile and flexible approach to design issues. Every product in its context deserves its own definition of design priorities. The basis of our design approach is perfect function in consideration of our constant change in habits as well as intelligent constructions with the pursuit of efficient materials, principles and manufacturing processes. Futhermore we see design as a communication medium between designer and consumer and therefore try to create an emotional comment on the particular context by using humorous, critical, philosophical or poetic elements."

what did we watch: if i...

If i... from Tim Brown on Vimeo.

a video found on szymon while i was doing some mild internet browsing

it's quite cute and i like the aesthetics and filming but the narration is a bit too forced in my opinion. (both the words and the voice)

it'd be fun to do such a video - to have the time and motivation...

maybe i'm just itching to get back to ny and school. maybe my subconscious feels the end of august nearing...

i've been packing up my life lately (my family is moving to another apartment in hk) and it's been difficult....to focus...


what did we miss...

this is how i felt this past week.
and how i feel today.
and what i will probably feel for another three months.

(top img from lelove/fffound and bottom image my own)


what did we want: oxfords...


so i found this really really great pair of shoes today while randomly walking past stores killing time. off white (cream? light beige?) laced oxfords, slightly pointed toes with pinhole decoration and made of lamb leather...

i don't usually advocate the killing of innocent animals for clothes or fashion. but these were really soft, fit perfectly, were adorable and i could see myself wearing them with anything....

of course this all leads up to me saying i didn't buy them. they cost $716 HKD ($92.38 USD) (which is a really random number to me) which is usually too much for shoes for me. i've never bought shoes that expensive before. no really. i don't. i know that shoes are supposed to be an investment etc but i couldn't bring myself to do it. (also i didn't have that much money on me)

i'm still thinking about them and i would ask rather i should get them or not...but i don't know what answer i want...


what did we derive inspiration from: THE SELBY

(krysten ritter)

(peaches, bunny and lily)

all of this post's images come from
the selby
which is a website that "features photos, paintings, and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces"
the people and places featured and photographed mostly come from new york, london, paris, milan, sydney...and a range of other places as well

each photoshoot is unique - gorgeous, aesthetic, perfectly shot, countless images; each person is different - intriguing, inspring, talented; each studio, store, apartment, area, space...is amazing and makes you wish you could visit each of them, that it might be yours for a day or a week or that you could live there, work there, share the space with the creative genius who inhabits it.

i have a desktop full of saved images to stare at and stare at and flip through and the site is worth daily clicking and perusal. the photos here are a fragment! i loved bella howard and rosa connell's place especially. (people are often photographed a lot but i felt it appropriate somehow to include mostly non-people images here in this post (cept one))

oh to know these people, to create my own such space, to be as inspired.

(julia roitfeld)

(bella howard and rosa connell)