what did we almost buy: kobraa blk snk flats

so i made a promise of sorts to myself on august 18th on the plane from hong kong to new york. now i'm not sure whether i made it because i was:
a) severely lacking sleep
b) had just read a book with a section about money matters and how to spend wisely and for God
c) completely shopped out from hong kong
d) mildly delusional
(and as always)
e) all of the above

it goes like this (i even wrote it down):
"i will not buy any articles of clothing for myself until 2010."

and now that i've written and published this on the web. it's out there. i'm accountable. to everyone in theory....

here are the shoes i almost almost almost bought today! $50 USD at steve madden plus 25% off so would have been (and still are) around $38 USD. (they're really called kobraa black snake.)


charlotte said...


delaney said...

the second i saw those i went "oooooooooo"

hahah they're REALLY cute. you have amazing self control!

charis said...

ahahahah thaaaanks.
they ARE really cute
you should go get them delaney ; )