what did we derive inspiration from: THE SELBY

(krysten ritter)

(peaches, bunny and lily)

all of this post's images come from
the selby
which is a website that "features photos, paintings, and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces"
the people and places featured and photographed mostly come from new york, london, paris, milan, sydney...and a range of other places as well

each photoshoot is unique - gorgeous, aesthetic, perfectly shot, countless images; each person is different - intriguing, inspring, talented; each studio, store, apartment, area, space...is amazing and makes you wish you could visit each of them, that it might be yours for a day or a week or that you could live there, work there, share the space with the creative genius who inhabits it.

i have a desktop full of saved images to stare at and stare at and flip through and the site is worth daily clicking and perusal. the photos here are a fragment! i loved bella howard and rosa connell's place especially. (people are often photographed a lot but i felt it appropriate somehow to include mostly non-people images here in this post (cept one))

oh to know these people, to create my own such space, to be as inspired.

(julia roitfeld)

(bella howard and rosa connell)


Amy + Dianne said...

i think we read similar blogs.

did u see the lanvin one <3
i'm going to do a post on it when it is possible.


charis said...

we do read similar blogs. YESS

ahahah first i commented on your post on lavin homme

now i'm commenting on your comment on my post.

and as i've already said

love the footwear. you beat me to the punch.