what did we blog: the obscura collective

photo: preston hartwick

the obscura collective
was formed by my friend and high school classmate jon wu. the members of the collective are also my friends and classmates - all of which are people that i consider talented in both photography and writing - which is what the blog is about. it's newly formed and we're still working things out but it's been pretty exciting and the various posts are really good.

i am also a member of the collective if you're interested in reading my posts on that blog:
directions to...

photo: christal yuen

photo: jon wu

this paragraph about the collective was written by jon and is on the site as well.

"We are a community of writers and photographers (to different degrees in both realms) who are attempting to use the beauty of the word and camera lense to express whatever it is that is in us. There is only one rule for all the contributors and that is to always have one original photograph and at least one word on each post. The idea is that the photograph may be used to enhance the words that are written or the words may enhance the photograph or both photograph and words enhance each other.

Ultimately, we’re trying to become blog stars. Please help the cause and like us."

so like us! : )

photo: geoff wong

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