what did we watch: lovers on the road 《戀人路上》

《戀人路上》lovers on the road

this past saturday, august 1st, i watched "lovers on the road" with ben at the grand cinema in elements. (kowloon station, 1 austin road) it's part of their summer promotional program: "indie salon" which is a collection of eight independent films produced in hong kong and around this area. every week on wednesdays (7:30 and 9:30 pm) and saturdays (2:30 and 4:30 pm) two of the films are screened; tickets are $40 for student and $60 for adults. (unfortunately only hk student id's are accepted)

"lovers on the road" is directed by tsang tsui shan and it has a lot going for it in terms of substance, ideas and difficult themes. it follows the story of one very self-absorbed naive girl - who it is easy to hate and not so easy to love - and her move from hong kong to beijing with her boyfriend whom she seems to have no feelings for but a very long term commitment to. there are a number of shots and scenes that are quite aesthetically done, good composition and good color, but the editing is awful and it's cut very poorly. very very poorly. plus on a large screen the pixelization is very clear and it bothers me even though i'm aware how low budget these films are. the trailer looks good though this small...the soundtrack is a bit awkward and the dialogue is too self aware. the main actress does quite a good job as does one of the other supporting actors but on a whole there is nothing dynamic about the film and it could be improved. but it is my first local indie film and i'm still quite glad i went to see it. i still remember it and it's 73 minutes of glory on the large screen so at least it remained in my mind.

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