what did we TYPE: idsgn and HVD freebies

i've come across yet another excellent design blog called idsgn per recommendation from my UT going, photo taking, brand name clothing shopping, (oh and business major) friend geoffrey wong. (who i'm aware stalks my blog occasionally *ahem*)

"idsgn is a blog about the things we see and enjoy (or sometimes hate) as designers. We like to talk about graphic design, branding and typography..."

(published in brooklyn, NY and begun april 5, 2009)

so far i'm pretty much in love with their typography section. but i really think i could flip through the entiiiire site and not grow tired of their original, interesting and very inspiring posts.

really. go check it out now.

and also!

HVD fonts has a ton of freebie fonts for you to try out and download.

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