what did we wear: threadless

"disbelief" by dan sheffield

is having a "back 2 cool" sale where a looot of shirts are going for $8, a lot going for $10 and a lot for $15 (USD) - basically everything is on sale. it's true.

for those of you who don't know. threadless is an online graphic design t-shirt company where allll the tshirts sold are designed and thought up by really cool artsy people in the community! there is an incredible amount of talent out there. really really.

i think i have maybe 8? 12? 15? of their shirts. : P so do my friends! two of my friends and i once gave them all out for christmas...i now buy less (because i have waaaaaaay too many tshirts) but once in a while am still tempted. they have an actual store in chicago where cool art is sold. threadless has gotten a LOT bigger and MORE popular over the years (i can't believe i'm old enough to say that and think i was around when it was "simpler"...)

they have great graphics, great typography, strong community development and the entire "threadless" concept and social network is still going strong. i will one day submit something (artists that have their shirts printed get money rewards!)

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