what did we aspire: tavi!

ok so i know i'm way behind the times and all but in this world of mad crazy rushing hey-day all the time a girl can't be up to date on everything simultaneously. (or often in my case up to date on anything at all - ah well)

at any rate: i think i can declare my first real "girl crush" ahahhahahah apparently (according to google) i'm not the only girl blogger out there with a girl crush on her...

everyone (i don't know why i'm introducing her, i'm sure you all know her already)
meet tavi!!!
really the only reason i suddenly know who this amazing stylish pixie blogger who knows what she likes, what she wants and writes really entertaining, useful and inspiring posts is that she's totally the feature of the new LOVE magazine. information and (mock) cover pic courtesy of fashionista.

the girl doesn't care what anyone thinks, she loves what she loves - writes what she writes - is passionate and motivated. which i think is why she makes my aspire list.

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