what did we derive inspiration from: gregoire alexandre + david byun

i am not usually so ADD and all over the place but i think i might just want to put images up as...inspiration posts. so we'll give it a try. today's post turns out to be about two photographers that i fail to have words to adequately express my......this is where my brain comes up with nothing and i can only look and look and look.....

todays image overload begins with 5 of gregoire alexandre's amazing photos. his portfolio (all of it) is absolutely worth your time to click completely through. and then do it again. i want to print out all of his photos and plaster them on walls around me.

(di: how is it i was not even aware your packing images came from this stunning photographer and yet halfway around the world we manage to frequent the same things?)

another amazing photographer david byun who is pretty much brilliant at everything: beauty, fashion, editorial, conceptual, advertisement...is represented around the world and has done a multitude of W covers plus vogue covers. his portfolio IS my inspiration post. so go there. what are you doing here looking at these five images still?

(images: not sure of 1st, 2nd and 3rd of magdalena in W, 4th and 5th of agyness in W)

oof. would like a nice color printer plus hi-res images.

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