what did we LOVE: window displays


what did we pay more and more attention to? window displays

i think i could fall in love with window displays. the above and below images are of the i.t. store in tst silvercord and their very romantic / phantom of the opera-esque / modern lighting display of violins.

they create a perfect mood - immediately catch the eye - you could look at them forever - and they make for good photographs.


and the below image is of the window display of the ceu store in miramar mall in tst. i just found the giraffes super cute. there were more of them and they matched the window silhouette stickers. i would have stolen a wicker giraffe for my apartment if i could have. come to think of it - i probably wouldn't have minded taking a violin too.

it'd be very cool to be the person who comes up with these window displays.


oddly enough - it is incredibly hard to find the i.t. or ceu websites - which is why i failed to link them here in this post...but the hunt will continue - and perhaps they'll be found...

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