what did we photograph

two part post: inspiration & inspired.


cade martin is an absolutely incredible photographer. these four images here are of his photos of the washington ballet reinterpreting the nutcracker and peter pan (and perhaps other such stories) for his photographs. and they're amazing. i should say less so you can look at them more.

found link to from devin castro

as i mentioned in the post below, i have restarted using my tumblr. and if you read the post below that one, you'll know i also just came back from LA. so that would be the two facts to know about me before you continue reading this post. and then it all makes sense.

i've lately been very fond of my dslr (canon xti 450D) and very happy to just pick it up at random and try to take a photo, even if this most often just takes place in my room...and the subject matter tends to be either typography, food or myself. i think i want to be good at photography and part of my brain is convinced that isn't where my talent lies. i'm aware of what i'm capable of and what i excel in and photography may be more of a hobby for me than something i can really push myself in.

all the same i am inspired.


what did we restart

image via ryumu
is queued on tumblr for sometime the next two days.

so here i have pulled out all the stops of online social networking and public interaction.

i've restarted using my tumblr.

some percent
(though the url is titled the same as this blog - whatdidwe)

and it's nice, as i explained to dearskye (when i reference you, would you prefer me to link to your tumblr/blogspot/other location? - here it leads to your tumblr since we're on the subject already, heh) in a recent post - tumblr is simple and quick and i can queue posts endlessly to post endlessly while i go about my day (which is also a tiny bit eerie but mostly convenient and cool)

also. who doesn't love a good image? or a good reblogged image? or just somewhere to share what you look at and light up inside about or look at and immediately respond and have to tell someone even if it is just typing out what you're thinking into unanswering cyberspace.

as you have noticed. i have added here a seemingly random image. it adds interest to this large amount of text and is also slightly related in that it is queued on my tumblr as well.

edit// also the bunny makes me smile


what did we miss: LA

i recently returned from LA this past sunday evening and i still miss it.
partially, thanksgiving break was amazing simply because it was a break away from school, having to work, being on the computer, getting no sleep...stressing out...
but thanksgiving break was also amazing because i was in LA. and because of who i was in LA with.

it was great to get away from NYC. i love new york and i love manhattan still and i think i'm still a city girl - but i have to say that my three semesters at parsons in the city have worn away some of the love for new york. maybe it's just that right now in my life the city is associated with stress. and unending movement.

and LA is only associated with holiday. and good food. and sunny sunny warm weather. (and disneyland, go karting, more good food, dogs, video games, ben and his family...)

so yes. i miss LA and i mostly wish i wasn't here in NY right now. but that's okay. i believe it's alright for me to be in love with more than one city even if it does mean that my heart belongs in some way to four.

images my own - it was also nice to pull out the dslr


what did we ASPIRE

cd packaging for alexandre navarro - album title "arcane" by buero ink
via graphic exchange

this is so gorgeous.

i want to make this.

i want to have thought of this.

why is it that these sites are always so inspirational and simultaneously
so depressing and still we strive and strive and push ourselves to be?

(question without an answer)

countdown: 30 hours to LA

what did we test

today at nylon the web director had me test two of OPI's "body cremes"
- "coconut melon" and "mango" flavored.

it may in fact be giving me a headache. oh well.
my hands are at least smooth and semi-moisturied...

i don't think i'd actually recommend the product...but here's a link if you're interested.

me: mhmm
in other news
i smell like an artificially flavored tropical smoothie
12:14 PM benjimak: hmm?
me: the editor had me test two "body cremes"
benjimak: i see..
me: "coconut melon" and "mango" flavored
benjimak: that's weird hah
what's coconut melon


what did we make ourselves: MIU MIU SOCKS

so this is the third place im posting this so for those who check my twitter/fb this is redundant now - or if you go after this...(which i advocate). or as my intro to visual culture class would say: "revealing it as an addition to the public sphere conversation that is formed whenever any individuals contribute ideas on things of general interest" (habermas, hah)

i spent wednesday afternoon at NYLON making imitation miu miu socks after the fall runway hoisery. i have to say im pretty proud of my work....

image of the original miu miu version ($425) which we copied in our DIY

model lexi lewtan - sock on her left leg is my handiwork - alexandra hoffman (web editorial intern worked on the other one)

pretty upclose sequin clusters! stars and circles, studs and sprinkles in pink, silver, gold....

NYLON's story on it
(from which all the above images are taken)


what did we long for...

i would like to feel like the happiness in this graphic. 5 days until LA.

via andrei robu on typographic posters
typographic posters is my new much much much loved site. full of color, type and inspiration.


what did we register

today started off alright: registration went well overall. next semester should be exciting.

in other news: why not follow me on twitter? www.twitter.com/whatdidwe

and in more miscellaneous information: these tees are pretty cool. id like one / wear one if given to me / potentially purchase if it didn't cost $30 DIM MAK PAINT BY NUMBER

(oh and i did the header graphic for them for nylon today. NYLON's take. (which is how i heard of) i should put some of those graphics up sometime...)

what did we think


It could be ten, but then again, I can't remember half an hour since a quarter to four.
Throw on your clothes, the second side of Surfer Rosa,
and you leave me with my jaw on the floor.
Just when you think you're in control,
just when you think you've got a hold,
just when you get on a roll,
here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.
Oh, here it goes again.
I should have known,
should have known,
should have known again,
but here it goes again.

Oh, here it goes again.

2 am?


what did we...hear?

art of the trench

today while at my phonathon shift i was perusing the above site. a collection of photos taken by the sartorialist (scott schuman) of men, women and children wearing burberry's trench coat. a project in conjunction with burberry solely based on these photos and people commenting on them etc.

cutest photo...

the background music is by the kooks and while i was at work (wearing a headset calling people) i could hear the background music inbetween my phone calls and i was completely confused because it was barely audible and i had no idea it was playing from the site. i told my boss and the girl next to me and the conclusion was that i was crazy. seriously.

not until i closed the window did i realize where it was coming from....

go check it out!


what did we wear: ARTH


the sole reason i looked up this store is because i came across the place on houston while headed to mamouns for falafel last wednesday. and the only reason why the store caught my eye was because their logo is a rabbit with antlers on its head and its adorable and elegant simultaneously (and its a rabbit!)

there are 5 stores, 4 in japan and 1 in soho new york. they do seem a bit expensive but i love the colors and styles in general and they seem to have a good selection of hats for both genders.

and this is their pitch to you as to why you should shop arth: "The rabbit has something new on its head, so you should try something new on your head too."

eugenia kim for men

eugenia kim for women

bright colors

trade show exhibit


what did we watch: strawberry swing

Strawberry Swing from Matt Clark on Vimeo.

there are so many things i could say about this video. first of all, the claymation and motion graphics, the color and compositions are gorgeous and absolutely excellent in their execution and overall result. the concept of the story is simply unsettling. the segment when the flesh extends makes my skin crawl and makes me want to physically turn away from the video and still keep watching. i think it causes this repulsion because the idea is so...inhuman and surreal.

and the end makes me sad. but i understand that this is the realistic end and that i should appreciate things without....the ultimate satisfaction of neatly tied bows that i so often crave.

thanks to notcot for the link


what did we LOVE: bunny cookies

thank you di for the image

as we all know. i have a love for most things bunny. and cookies.
and it makes me feel as though winter is actually approaching (despite the fact that i still only wore a tshirt and my bape hoodie today). i mean, i could use a week or two of actual bundling up hot chocolate or pumpkin spice latte snuggle into bed and never leave the heater weather. why not?im going back to hong kong this christmas so i might as well get my fill of cold prior to flying back to 10 degree celcius december.


what did we find

""I mean, yes, we're sinking" But the music is exceptional""

austin kleon

there is something so perfectly poetic about austin kleon's blackout poems.

i must give credit to my friend delaney for having led me to his site and the wonders that he makes out of simply sharpie-ing out sections of newspapers to leave words and phrases behind that form thoughts, stories, questions and anything really.

i'd like to try and see the results that come of it.

"I want to stay up all night drinking beer and make trouble with the law to see what good, and what tragedy, will come of it."


what did we celebrate

it's halloween today. while i myself have no...real excitement in dressing up, prancing around and joining the crazy throngs of people that will flood the streets of manhattan tonight...i must say it's quite the affair for a good number of this city's population.

this is my thinking concerning parsons students in particular celebrating halloween: either you go all out with the costume or you do nothing at all. there is no in between half attempt.

(all images from site)

one article of news surrounding the festivities that did catch my eye was that the artist (body painter) andy golub will be painting a number of topless women for the 36th annual new york halloween parade for the third year running. they will ride around in two vehicles also painted by the artist and will apparently look like "surreal characters" (melodika) - and he's been doing this body painting in public spaces throughout new york since 2006! it'd be pretty interesting to catch him in action. not that i would volunteer to be one of his canvases...

anyway: happy halloween for those of you keen on dressing up and eating candy.
(the latter of which i am also a fan of...)


what did we quickly post...

photo credit: garance dore
much love

this is how i wish i actually dressed and looked. i at least have the hair and sometimes the "color" scheme done. in an alternate universe maybe this is me.


what did we peruse: tommy ton

i am about to unhesitatingly make the assumption that many of you that will read this post have also heard of/read/know something about JAK & JIL and thus have seen of style photographer tommy ton's work. only by perusing this site did i learn that my homecity (is that a phrase...) of hong kong and the power fashion chain lane crawford asked tommy ton to style hunt in hk!

thus - five of his hong kong fashion photos posted on the lane crawford blog

i picked my favorite of the ones he took in the city, supposedly the site will continue to post new ones. wish i could have caught a glimpse of him.

i imagine he spent a lot of time in causeway bay around times square...

oh red taxi. how i miss you and your low fares.

also: is it so awful of me that i think his photos taken in milan/paris/new york/london are so much better? or is it just hong kong style that i can't agree with? and what does that make me?


what did we accessorize: bunnies

bunnies of my own!

super cute sasha for h+m campaign (only img i've posted twice)

ok so i've been meaning to write this post for a while now. it's like my love for bunnies coincided with the fashion world and trendy accessories and came up with what now has been seen everywhere and adorning every head. i'm fascinated by the timeline and the photos...

madonna: the worst of the bunnies...

ali michael: the best of the bunny bows : )

marc jacobs spring RTW 09. multitudes of brightly colored bow topped models.

and of course where it all began. marc jacobs sends his girls down the LV RTW fall 09 runway.

and for more bunny ears as spotted on celebrities?
check out the guardian's nice slideshow article.