what did we make ourselves: MIU MIU SOCKS

so this is the third place im posting this so for those who check my twitter/fb this is redundant now - or if you go after this...(which i advocate). or as my intro to visual culture class would say: "revealing it as an addition to the public sphere conversation that is formed whenever any individuals contribute ideas on things of general interest" (habermas, hah)

i spent wednesday afternoon at NYLON making imitation miu miu socks after the fall runway hoisery. i have to say im pretty proud of my work....

image of the original miu miu version ($425) which we copied in our DIY

model lexi lewtan - sock on her left leg is my handiwork - alexandra hoffman (web editorial intern worked on the other one)

pretty upclose sequin clusters! stars and circles, studs and sprinkles in pink, silver, gold....

NYLON's story on it
(from which all the above images are taken)

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Amy + Dianne said...

aw so cute! they really put you to work thereee love it. craft time. love it