what did we read: LICD



a four panel monday through friday daily comic about a man named rayne. slightly X rated and 18+ mature audience...but still occasionally very hilarious. like the above comic.

everyone at parsons has a mac (mostly everyone) we're big fans of apple and steve jobs.

two and red headbands

red headbands

hi jeanie. you're so cute. and we're pretty cute.
and it'd be nice if it wasn't blurry but such is photos.

(taken after our let morning shine: SEEDS event. red ribbons fashioned into decorating our hair.)

what did we purchase: NEUTRALS

adventures in neutrals at h+m with charis in the dressing room

own: grey stirrup tights, black flipflops
tried on: white t-shirt with pocket, black tank top with pocket
purchased: white tshirt + black version, black tank top, white scarf, black scarf, white bag

notice a trend? it's ok. my cousin, (23 years my senior) who is an interior designer in taiwan, says most artists and designers tend towards blacks, whites, greys...etc. and that it makes sense. so i'm going to run with it.

what did we LOVE: SONIA RYKIEL

chanel iman sonia rykiel summer 2009 runway


"Celebrating her 40th anniversary in Paris yesterday, Sonia Rykiel put on the show to end all shows--it started with a lavish dinner, it ended with roses and music and feathers and top hats. Rykiel has always known how to entertain her audience without compromising the elegance of her brand. Her shows are often referred to as 'magical' and this season was no exception. The most striking outfits that came down the runway were exaggerations of Rykiel herself, either by way of her famously red hair or her French heritage. There were plenty of accessible pieces in between the costumery and each were styled to 1970's perfection. Rykiel's clothing is magic because it's charming and cool, pretty and sensual, and cast in the kind of soft light that makes everything look like an old movie. There's a reason she's celebrating her 40th anniversary in such a demanding and competitive industry and it's that her brand (in every aspect) makes women feel good. "

from coutorture

sonia by sonia rykiel spring-summer 2009 collection

and the reason why i flipped through all of the sonia rykiel website and took so many screen captures....recently had a conversation with an old pretty good guy friend (he possibly reads this) and he still remembers that i really like this brand. so i wanted to reremember that. and it's been a good refreshing trip through looks, styles and fashion. yay sonia rykiel.

rykiel karma body and soul spring-summer 2009 collection

oooph - shoes, sonia rykiel accesories

(i would like all of the above shoes. i might twist and ankle and go bankrupt.)

what did we LOVE: ed westwick (yet again)


people magazine, in honor of ed westwick's 22nd birthday, has twenty-two steamy hot shots of him (some better than others) on their website.

sooooo attractive. eep. janice what have you done to me.
maybe it's a subconscious symptom of being away from new york. missing gossip girl. missing all the people i watched it with.
or it's just because ed westwick is that delish that i have posted multiple times about him.


what did we LOVE: nicole, berlin

sartorialist 1

image from the sartorialist - from wednesday june 24 - titled "on the street....nicole, berlin"

i love this so much. maybe because i want to dress and look like that. effortless. put together. something or the other. anyway. much hearts.

what did we make: experiment

last thursday while cleaning my room i became incredibly bored and made myself a bracelet.

is this the beginning of a career in jewelry design? i think probably not.
ask me again in six years.

but it was fun and it's kind of nice and i'd maybe wear it out.

what did we purchase: CUBE earphones

audio-technica inner ear headphones - CUBE
five days old. replacing three year old ipod earphones.
$88 HKD - ($11 USD) mong kok computer center


what did we watch: TONY vs PAUL

some seriously amazing stop motion work. it's pretty much 5 minutes of crazy mind-blowing video. so well done. i can't imagine how much work this must have taken. i really really cannot comprehend beginning to do this.
you tube link

what did we purchase: LEGO (?)


following love-d's lego obsession post i've been mildly more aware
this tiny store in sham shui po's apple mall had all these adorable lego keychains and even a lego bracelet! (bottom right) going for $59 HKD ($7.61 USD) the keychains are mostly $20 HKD ($2.58 USD)

so dianne if you want one (i honestly almost bought one for you immediately but i wasn't sure if you'd actually use it...) tell me before the summer's out : )

what did we visit: ARGYLE

yesterday i went to argyle center (旺角中心)with friends. it's a three story (not including ground floor) shopping center in the heart of mong kok and throbbing with people. always incredibly crowded (except before all the stores are open) argyle center is my (and a lot of others) go-to place for cheaply priced fashion: clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes.

each "store" is really a stall of sorts with many throughout the floor area and then stores surrounding them along the walls. corridors are only about two feet wide and if crowds are not your thing. don't come here. i love this place and used to frequent it fairly regularly. i don't really mind the people and even without an ultimate goal, casually browsing is always fun.

sidenote: oddly popular rings at the moment? seen a few stores selling them but no one actually wearing them. didn't buy one but for $5 HKD you can get three and for $10 HKD you can get seven (roughly $0.64 and $1.29 USD)


what did we drink: 奶茶


today, june 24, i revisited suzuki cafe (a cute restaurant for western dishes that have a bit more originality than some - also great desserts and coffee drinks but for a bit more than they should cost) in langham place, mong kok (HK) with a friend.
and i remembered how much i love milk tea(奶茶)not that i had really forgotten. but nothing makes me feel at home more than this drink.

i don't think i've mentioned i'm happy to be home in hong kong again.

what did we want: sabina o ring satchel

sabina o ring satchel

i kind of really want this really ridiculously priced bag from urban outfitters. ($250 but ok it's leather)
don't ask me why i spent x amount of time this morning perusing UO sales online. it's just what i did for breaks during school and i guess i'm stuck on the occasional window shopping binge.

what did we LOVE: ed westwick

janice: this is for you

well and for me too. i had to put this up.
in a large format.

what did we read: missed connections

oddly felt like perusing missed connections on craigslist (new york) tonight for a while (maybe for lack of things to do, out of curiosity, desire to find something true and beautiful) and came across the following eight short missed connections that struck a chord in me.

i like the simplicity, i like the anonymity, the thoughtfulness. the feeling of melancholy, nostalgia, hope (?)

the bolded words are the subject they were under and each title is linked to it's page.

it's a done deal
there was a glimmer of hope

i made my bed
and i'm lying in it now, thinking of you.
i know it has to be like this for a while.
you were one of the most unexpected and wonderful things that ever happened to me.
i hope i haven't ruined it forever.

i can't believe
i did that to you again. forgive.

so keep the blood in your head (and your feet on the ground)
if today's the day we get tired
(today's the day we drop out)

i never forgot...
you're the only one who forced me to forget...

i did remember
my heart is heavy, the city feels empty

i just remembered
i never got to feed you smores....

i promise tomorrow i will be nicer. i am going to tell you my name, ask you what you do, have the awkward conversation i was avoiding today. but, with my luck, you wont be there tomorrow...


what did we aspire: VAULT 49

vault 49 1vault 49 3
nyc stories by vault 49 postcard "why stop dreaming when you wake up" and promotional screen print for client meetings


a super cool boutique design, illustration and photography studio from london currently based in new york (yeh NY) founded in 2002 by jonathan kenyon and john glasgow, vault 49 is critically acclaimed, remains at the forefront of excellent design and was declared one of the 10 most influential artists of the last decade by WGSN.

what they say about themselves:
"Vault49 are storytellers in the classic fashion and their beautiful work is threaded with diverse narratives, innuendo, and a macabre sense of humour. Their work communicates on many profound and intricately detailed layers which continue to reward the viewer with new discoveries and a prolonged appreciation of the craft and detail featured in every Vault creation. Their unique perspective on beauty, colour, and seduction ensure’s Vault49’s work is instantly recognizable and distinctive from their peers."
incredible list of international clients including Samsung, Nike, Honda, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Orange, MTV, Virgin Atlantic, the New York Times, and Greenpeace and often touted by celebritites.

i love the edgy designs, the intricate details, the meanings and layers of meanings and sharp graphic excellently thought out and rendered work. i love the text in a lot of their work and i would be very very happy to ever be able to work for them, with them in proximity to them. so much to love about them. click through to their portfolio site for more of what is just a sampling shown here.


vault 49 4
random design by vault 49

vault 49 2
composite hand drawn and digital work for kia royale

what did we eat: dessert

nikko hotel dessert

delicious dessert during afternoon tea buffet at nikko hotel hong kong on father's day

happy father's day daddy!

starting left going clockwise, vanilla pudding, bread pudding, mango pudding, creme brulee
(i'm aware that all four are basically puddings...but different types and all equally yummy! i realize i have a predilection for foods that do not require much chewing....hm)

what did we wear: ZARA

met up with a wonderful girlfriend today and shopped just a tiny bit (dodged into zara) and tried on these two blouses....i prefer the second : ) but i didn't get either.
i'm still thinking about it...so i might go back...

blouse #1 plaid multicolored pastels - $299 HKD ($38 USD) ZARA (jeans also zara, tried on because i was wearing a skirt and that wouldn't have gone well with the top...)

blouse #2 blue pinstriped - $159 HKD ($20 USD) ZARA (same jeans as before)