what did we aspire: VAULT 49

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nyc stories by vault 49 postcard "why stop dreaming when you wake up" and promotional screen print for client meetings


a super cool boutique design, illustration and photography studio from london currently based in new york (yeh NY) founded in 2002 by jonathan kenyon and john glasgow, vault 49 is critically acclaimed, remains at the forefront of excellent design and was declared one of the 10 most influential artists of the last decade by WGSN.

what they say about themselves:
"Vault49 are storytellers in the classic fashion and their beautiful work is threaded with diverse narratives, innuendo, and a macabre sense of humour. Their work communicates on many profound and intricately detailed layers which continue to reward the viewer with new discoveries and a prolonged appreciation of the craft and detail featured in every Vault creation. Their unique perspective on beauty, colour, and seduction ensure’s Vault49’s work is instantly recognizable and distinctive from their peers."
incredible list of international clients including Samsung, Nike, Honda, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Orange, MTV, Virgin Atlantic, the New York Times, and Greenpeace and often touted by celebritites.

i love the edgy designs, the intricate details, the meanings and layers of meanings and sharp graphic excellently thought out and rendered work. i love the text in a lot of their work and i would be very very happy to ever be able to work for them, with them in proximity to them. so much to love about them. click through to their portfolio site for more of what is just a sampling shown here.


vault 49 4
random design by vault 49

vault 49 2
composite hand drawn and digital work for kia royale

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Amy + Dianne said...

i know the agency! they rep. this photographer i posted about. i like what they're doing very "fresh" HAHA