They are:
"...independent artists and publishers who are looking beyond a conventional method of distribution and production, hence the online format. We constantly reinvent ourselves and always want to encourage creativity. Our goal is to be an inspiration guide worldwide in the fashion and culture industry."
having just released their 13th issue "HARDCORE," ilovefake magazine is a bi-monthly online publication (available for downloading) that incorporates fashion, art, culture, great photography and interviews all into it's pages. it's latest issue is an amazing 178 pages filled with solid photos, fashion editorials, stories and inspiration. interviews include jack greer, jirat james patroon, phillipp mueller, jeremy ville, yaniv edry, and eric guilleman. back issues include "polaroid issue" "noir issue" "superheroes issue"(i haven't read all of the 8 available back issues yet, but so far i like the superheroes one quite a bit) - i think i semi love ilovefake magazine.

Jolijn Snijders is editor in chief and art director, Jordy Huinder is fashion director, Debbie Wester is fashion editor and the staff pretty much looks like the coolest staff ever.

above link is to their homepage.
this link goes to where you can read issue 13 online: HARDCORE
this link is to their blogspot: BLOG

i'd check out all three.


Amy + Dianne said...

is that topless model skye or addison gill?
or someone completely different?

and the page with all the models' polariods!

i just might like ilovefakemagazine too now.

Amy + Dianne said...

never mind. looked it up.
its siri. ahhh!

charis said...

ahahhahah i trusted you to figure out who it was.

you should really check out their online issues. it takes about 5 minutes to flip through one if you just keep clicking ahahah. : )