what did we watch: UP


this past sunday, may 31, i and some 20 other people went to watch UP, the latest pixar/disney movie released and it was amazing. spectacular. phenomenal. etc. to begin with, the art was breath taking. so much effort, time, thought, consideration of every tiny detail and composition was put into the making of this 96 minute film. i loved the textures, the rich bright colors, the vast panoramic views used and the often fantastical imagery. pixar hit this one exactly right with the level and balance of realism and fantasy as well. your imagination is stretched, the world is not quite your world - but it's still realistic in the sense that you don't feel the movie tries to hard to make things "work" (ok some peole say the aviator dogs...but i'll overlook that in light of how well the rest is in sync). and the plot is great, even if it isn't action packed thriller or suspenseful mystery - it is partially those things and partially comedy, drama, and both a child suitable and adult film. the best thing about films are layers of interpretation and layers of depth and UP definitely fulfils both life lessons and a realistic portrayal of the course of life, human emotions and human behavior. the characters are perfectly composed, jokes are well made, and i love a movie that gets all the movie goers talking about it afterwards.

i could watch it again and again.

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