what did we read: missed connections

oddly felt like perusing missed connections on craigslist (new york) tonight for a while (maybe for lack of things to do, out of curiosity, desire to find something true and beautiful) and came across the following eight short missed connections that struck a chord in me.

i like the simplicity, i like the anonymity, the thoughtfulness. the feeling of melancholy, nostalgia, hope (?)

the bolded words are the subject they were under and each title is linked to it's page.

it's a done deal
there was a glimmer of hope

i made my bed
and i'm lying in it now, thinking of you.
i know it has to be like this for a while.
you were one of the most unexpected and wonderful things that ever happened to me.
i hope i haven't ruined it forever.

i can't believe
i did that to you again. forgive.

so keep the blood in your head (and your feet on the ground)
if today's the day we get tired
(today's the day we drop out)

i never forgot...
you're the only one who forced me to forget...

i did remember
my heart is heavy, the city feels empty

i just remembered
i never got to feed you smores....

i promise tomorrow i will be nicer. i am going to tell you my name, ask you what you do, have the awkward conversation i was avoiding today. but, with my luck, you wont be there tomorrow...

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