what did we LOVE: SONIA RYKIEL

chanel iman sonia rykiel summer 2009 runway


"Celebrating her 40th anniversary in Paris yesterday, Sonia Rykiel put on the show to end all shows--it started with a lavish dinner, it ended with roses and music and feathers and top hats. Rykiel has always known how to entertain her audience without compromising the elegance of her brand. Her shows are often referred to as 'magical' and this season was no exception. The most striking outfits that came down the runway were exaggerations of Rykiel herself, either by way of her famously red hair or her French heritage. There were plenty of accessible pieces in between the costumery and each were styled to 1970's perfection. Rykiel's clothing is magic because it's charming and cool, pretty and sensual, and cast in the kind of soft light that makes everything look like an old movie. There's a reason she's celebrating her 40th anniversary in such a demanding and competitive industry and it's that her brand (in every aspect) makes women feel good. "

from coutorture

sonia by sonia rykiel spring-summer 2009 collection

and the reason why i flipped through all of the sonia rykiel website and took so many screen captures....recently had a conversation with an old pretty good guy friend (he possibly reads this) and he still remembers that i really like this brand. so i wanted to reremember that. and it's been a good refreshing trip through looks, styles and fashion. yay sonia rykiel.

rykiel karma body and soul spring-summer 2009 collection

oooph - shoes, sonia rykiel accesories

(i would like all of the above shoes. i might twist and ankle and go bankrupt.)

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