what did we aspire: DEANNA HALSALL

DEANNA HALSALL mural for love creative studio at ycn live


i love the clean graphic quality of all of her work. it's whimsical, cute, exactly what i imagine excellent children's illustration and illustration for promotional material, cds, books etc to be. the colors are perfect. the tiny details and obviously high amount of effort and time spent are worth looking at endlessly. her amount of imagination and depth of creative thinking are inspiring.



a CD listing for a fictional bar with a hair theme

a large scale print for the illustration label TOY'S promotional mailer

an illustration based on things things you believe as a child

an illustration for an article on the importance of hiring the right people in the creative industry

april 2009 illustration

a children's fabric pattern for bonbonkakku featured in the helsinki design week 2008

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