what did we watch: he's just not that into you

he's just not that into you

it's sad to say but very true, that airplane movies generally tend to...not be very good. thus on my nice 17 hours worth of flying yesterday (and 24 hours of traveling...) i watched three movies that i would never have chosen to watch in theaters for money. or even really have agreed to watch on tv - at least not alone. the second of these three i watched was he's just not that into you a romantic chick flick at best with basically no action, no humor and nothing really exciting at all. it is "real life."

based on the best seller with the same title written by the sex and the city writers Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo - having never read the book i can't compare it - but i can defintely see the similarities between this mediocre movie and the SATC series. (not to say SATC is mediocre - it's definitely one of my guilty pleasures {amy, i too know to term them guilty pleasures}) the movie (and originally the book) are intended to serve as guides to women on understanding men (in breief). reading the signals, knowing what they mean and what to do next - that whole lot. i can't say there isn't some solid advice...but on the whole it isn't anything you haven't already heard, seen and been told by the media before.

the best thing going for this movie is probably it's cast. a full fledged all star cast of nine, at least recognizing the actors and actresses is semi fun and they make for good eye candy even if the acting itself isn't the most amazing. or the writing of the scenes. bradley cooper and scarlett johannsen are particularly attractive people to seen on screen...

ok there's a little bit of humor and it wasn't that painful to watch. if anything it's 129 minutes of time filling entertainment. but i wouldn't pay money for it and i'm not likely to watch it again.


Amy + Dianne said...

i watched it not too long ago too!
i liked:D


Amy + Dianne said...

i watched it and i paid money for it. i did not like it. i dont like scarlet johanson and the other actor man. it made me an angry camper.