what did we do: ap art

"independent" watercolor and ink 26" x 18" model: janice lee

i don't usually put my own work on my blog.

but here's some past ap art work completed in the fall of 07 during my senior year in high school in hk. i recently dug some up (took it off a shelf actually) in my room while "cleaning" (being nostalgic) and finding art to donate to my friend ariana's event "let morning shine" (more on it later) and photographed a few pieces.

"analytical" watercolor and ink 22" x 14" model: grace lyu

"flirt" 16 1/2" x 23 1/2" prismacolor pencil and ink model: marilyn li


Amy + Dianne said...

oh charis, this is going to sound so so stalkerish. but i was googling myself this morning [don't ask] then i googled you [again don't ask, i have no proper explanation]. and i found your online portfolio on a website and saw all of these art work.

anyways, i was gonna say your work has matured so much when i compared the recent ones to your ap art paintings!

you can probably tell who this is w/o me putting my name by this partially embarrassing comment


charis said...

AHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA ohhhhh i have nothing else really to say here since i can't ask why you googled yourself or me.

but thank you thank you!

and yes i know who you are but i won't reveal your stalkerish tendencies : p

Amy + Dianne said...

IT WAS AMY by the way.

But i did it too after I read this comment