what did we visit: ARGYLE

yesterday i went to argyle center (旺角中心)with friends. it's a three story (not including ground floor) shopping center in the heart of mong kok and throbbing with people. always incredibly crowded (except before all the stores are open) argyle center is my (and a lot of others) go-to place for cheaply priced fashion: clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes.

each "store" is really a stall of sorts with many throughout the floor area and then stores surrounding them along the walls. corridors are only about two feet wide and if crowds are not your thing. don't come here. i love this place and used to frequent it fairly regularly. i don't really mind the people and even without an ultimate goal, casually browsing is always fun.

sidenote: oddly popular rings at the moment? seen a few stores selling them but no one actually wearing them. didn't buy one but for $5 HKD you can get three and for $10 HKD you can get seven (roughly $0.64 and $1.29 USD)

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Amy + Dianne said...

hahahahh!! the rings!

are the yellow patterns on the floor [first photo] suppose to be the "argyle" decoration part to the store?