baumer: on our way

were it not FOR YOU

baumer is one of the 13 cds i bought for $1 apiece en masse when in philly over christmas break. having fixed my optical drive, i finally managed to import all of them and actually listen to them. this is one of the ones i enjoy more so far. labeled "alternative" in genre by my itunes, baumer has certain techno, synthetic aspects, especially in the underlying beats but is accompanied by fairly mellow soothing vocals. still upbeat enough to keep me working and want to sing along but not too overpowering. simple lyrics mostly, but still fairly well crafted in subtlety and meaning balanced. unfortunately - the band is "done" according to their myspace page. at least they have this one album (and a debut album i haven't heard)

"on our way"

what's with the lonely it's out of place
you know i am here beside you.
i'll try my best.
i've tested the waters and they are deep enough for two.
closer now, closer to my heart,
i'll pull up until i slip again.
faster now; fasten, i'm the driver;
i'll steer us into a happy end.
it's a wonderful world in terms of potential.
no wonder it's special.

on our way, no stopping now, baby.
all the way, slowly counting down days to.
on our way, no stopping now, baby.
all the way, slowly counting down days to go.

we're slowly counting down days to go.

don't hide your crying inside your hands
you know i'll do everything i can.
i'll break my back, in fact, i have once or twice;
still, i'll do it again.
closer now, closer to my heart,
i'll pull up until my fingers break.
faster now; fasten, i'm the driver;
i'll steer us straight with all my strength.
it's a wonderful world in terms of potential.
no wonder it's special.

on our way, no stopping now, baby.
all the way, slowly counting down days to.
on our way, no stopping now, baby.
all the way, slowly counting down days to go.

no stopping now, we're counting down days.
no stopping now, we're counting down.

on our way, no stopping now, baby.
all the way, slowly counting down days to.
on our way, no stopping now, baby.
all the way, slowly counting down days to go.



my cousin scot on the complexities of females

[charis] qu'est-ce que c'est?
we're not THAT confusing
ok i have no right to claim that

SccL in LON
oh yes.. yes you are.
if you want A, you'll talk about B, hint C, msg D, and gossip E...


we defy the forecast

a tribute to lovely friends and perfect weather

happy birthday katie! if it weren't for you turning 19 today, i would not have left my dorm and experienced the gorgeous sun, weather, grass and picnic at central park today.

or had as much fun at the disney store and learned the great virtues of fake hair, mickey mouse dishware and kitchen gear and that i fit in cinderellas "glass" (plastic) slippers (plus all the other kid shoes...so if i ever desire to wear rainbow sequin shoes...)

or wondered why disney would try to rip off bearbrick. and do it so badly. and with such a lame title as "vinylmation." it's a mystery to me. i guess disney is trying to be trendy and keep "in" with the cool crowd beyond it's sparkling pink rings for little girls.

also: there are no starbucks along fifth ave from 59th st to 47th st.


what did we declare

yesterday march 24 i declared my major at parsons as communication design.

and i think i made the right choice because (partially) what i want to do with the rest of my career and life (in arts and design) is create album covers.
and make millions of posters.
and generate imaginative patterns.
and come up with new, interesting, creative fonts and play with typography and text.

and of course hopefully collaborate with other artists, names and brands on amazing work.


out of love for the random

fun design random things site for those truly bored.
above image is the "invisible" shirt by reece ward - photoshop reference : )
more random things someone made? (also courtesy of notcot surfing)
crayon rings - set of 8 in these colors by timothy liles
they actually work though i'd be sad to use them...
perfect ring for messy artists?
completely appropriate for restaurants that have paper coverings on them to draw on.



black hound
170 2nd ave NY 10003
(212) 979 9505

"The elegant simplicity of our packaging, from understated Shaker-style wood boxes to stylish silver canisters, also captivates the eye and beckons something extraordinary lies inside. We think the Zagat New York City Marketplace Survey says it best: our handmade creations "taste as fabulous as they look."

Housing a delectable array of cakes, individual pastries, cookies, chocolates, savories and confections, our New York City retail store evokes images of fine European pastry shops."

so - i have yet to eat here....but it loooooks amaaaaazing. the entire store's goods look so delicious.
staring at this photo makes me salivate.
yummy tiny chocolate and berry and caramelly sweet cakes that must be intensely fattening but probably a wild trip for your taste buds.

someone should go there even if it's not me.



for love of BAPE

credit to neiman t. for the photo
the real point of this post is supposed to be the bape hoodie i'm wearing in this photo.
bought in brooklyn at beacon's closet for 30$ sweet
couple of weeks ago? or something to that affect....with amy / neha / dianne / janice
i love it cause it's plaid, cause it's bright but not too bright, it fits well, matches my closet and zips allll the way up to the top of the hood : )
and it's my first real "expensive" brand name

(p.s. amy i want the photos of me zipped up : p)


two and four

the past two and a half days and three nights really passed me by. i wouldn't mind living them again. actually. the last five nights and four and half days flew over me. and though i know time will always have to move on, change will always come and nothing is ever at a standstill, i like to think that i could live the past five days on a loop if i wanted to.

i have a list of things in my life i think i desire. we won't go into that list but now i'm realizing what a person really needs in life is good company. good company makes great situations, time, places, food and exploration even more enjoyable and bad things more bearable.

i'm sure i'm not the first to come to this conclusion but this is the first i'm truly consciously acknowledging and reflecting upon it. i can't stomach or imagine being alone.

thank God for providing the people in my life.


moma: contemporary art

an exploration from toe to head with randy neiman and amy revealed an exhibition on contemporary art that i thoroughly enjoyed (mostly) and am actually learning how to appreciate slightly more abstract art. slightly.

klara liden - projects 89: a representation of a decaying slowly fading city made out of scrap trash found in cities. set upon white cube representative of its use in modern art. reminded me of lab.(silly mapping and orientation class at parsons) but in a well executed way. and thoughtful.

jose leovilson: to make your soul close to me
text says "to make your soul close.....it depends if your lips"
i just like the text. and the text.

arturo herrera: a knock
reminds me sooo much of disney
colors are brilliant, cut out of paper and pasted on. can look at it forever and not understand - which is great.

don't even know the artist or title of piece
i'm just attracted to bold grabbing typography.

alighiero e boetti: tapestry of the thousand longest rivers of the world
sooooo amazing - all of it's sewn!!! this huuge panel of text. more photos later?
i was impressed at moma : p

and randy and neiman and amy make good company.
there randy. you can skip all of this post and just read these two lines. hah.


finally, a decision

i'm so sorry to all the friends that listened to me agonize over my travel decision this weekend. i apologize for being such an indecisive, difficult, over thinking person.

but the decision has been made! and i'm going to bethlehem toooddaaaaaaaay : D

bethlehem, PA that is - heh.

see you alll soon and have a good weekend!!!


sad apple facts

1. my cd drive was shot
2. i was aware it was going to be checked in for internal repairs
3. backed up everything on neha's hard drive cause mine comes in tomorrow
4. may get it back either tuesday or next sunday.....
5. without a computer what do i do?
6. i'm using nicole's at the moment


at least this is a beautiful place
and the concierge and the genius were both really really nice people : )
and my warranty covers the repairs


BUTTER by nadia

today when i picked up erin's time out new york in the mail this dress and this page immediately caught my eye. it is one of butter by nadia's signature wraps - the jersey line. and there are literally hundreds of ways you can change this dress. which there should be since it costs around 246 - 368 dollars. purchasable at 518 court st btwn huntington and nelson sts, carroll gardens, brooklyn.

i mean, it's a great great concept, practical and makes sense to own one garment entirely changeable a million ways when you might just wear one dress a couple times in it's lifetime. however - always the same color and length? i guess we'll have to wait for cloth that changes color.

i also don't even understand how this works.

butter by nadia


diseased and ill

i am soo soooo sick.
i need medicine.
but i fail to know how to get better.
ps. i hate cough syrup.


shalina looking sooo cute in cid's design

i apologize for the really bad bad quality photos. i did my best to get a good setting but i just couldn't figure it out. i know i was doing something wrong hah. oh well.

the key point of fusion 09 is that parsons won. which, in my opinion, they deserved to. the train of thoughts that ensued as fusion 09 proceeded:
opening / fit
- how do these people come up with these names for their collections? "sweet sweets"? "longing for fantasy"?
- hey the designer that won last year is pretty cool
- wow fit pulls out some really tacky stuff
- wooooow these models can noooot walk
- that model did NOT just give the judges a kiss at the end of the runway
- is that REALLY the wedding dress someone made?
- who comes up with these colors?
- ok...two pairs of pants
intermission / parsons
- ok goodie, four pairs of slacks and tailored jackets in neutral colors
- this is wearable at least and much more sensible
- oooooo cid!
- shalina is so cute
- parsons has to has to has to has to win.
announcement of winners
- fit honorary mention designer was HER!?!?!?
- ok...cross fingers....*disappointment for cid*
- wild applause!!!
. enough. let's go home.
all the parsons designers and the very hyper korean girl that won the parsons best designer. and the bubble dress...

EDIT// YES cid should have won best designer for parsons and YES the bubble dress did win. oh well. fusion is fusion.


what did we addict ourselves to

grey palette
grey palette - by charisp on Polyvore.com

polyvore set #1 grey palette
elizabeth and james jacket
rag and bone oxfords
rag and bone jeans
rag and bone scarf
alexander wang bag
alexander wang tank

polyvore (thanks to janice for the recommendation) could very easily consume all my time. it gratifies the online shopping desires.....especially for things i could never afford. and would covet. amy says this set is almost exactly like what i already wear. but clearly a much more expensive collection of it. and i doubt i dress quite this way.


what did we LOVE: FIFI LAPIN

what can i say. i saw one. i fell in love.
bunnies dressed in the hottest fashion items?
i love you fifi lapin whoever you are.
"bunny kisses"

image overload.



what did we aspire: KATIE TULLY

katie tully: type specimen poster. (HEART font) and katie tully unity font. plus handmade SCRAP book.

see this (above) is what i'd like to do with my life. organize font. arrange text. create typefaces. make books. i love the clean, sharp, simple aesthetics.

again katie tully diana+ photos.
and just a few things you might like to know about her. clearly of the high caliber quality students at parsons. a cd major! which is motivation, inspiration and food for thought for me. as i chew upon the decision of my major which must be made in - oh! eight days.


what's sick: SHIN TANAKA

official change of url to www.whatdidwe.blogspot.com - reasons behind it are
1. pooncharis was really a not creative moment for me
2. whatdidwelearn was taken by someone who wrote one post in april 07
3. whatdidwe is pleasantly open ended to being "whatdidwedo" "whatdidwehear" "whatdidwetaste" "whatdidwefeel" "whatdidwerealize" "whatdidwewear" etc.

SHIN TANAKA:::japanese artist with amazing amazing skill, ingenuity, talent and artistic style.
all of the above pictures feature PAPER TOYS other than the addidas x shin tanaka shoes, the poster and the vinyl doll next to the poster. he creates and colors templates and pieces them together and they are hoooooot commodities.

he is from fukuoka, japan and is THE origami folder to say the least. started by creating paper shoes cause he couldn't afford the nice ones he wanted and now has collab with both addidas and nike - distinctive graffiti graphic style you can't miss.

"NYT: What advice can you give to aspiring artists/designers? Any specific tips on how to promote one’s work or to get exposure to a larger audience?

Shin: I think they should not consider how to promote their works too aggressively, it disturbs ingenious ideas and groundbreaking designs. The most important thing is not to promote their works but to create their original works and show their own style. If they have been keeping their originals, the people who can find some keen insight into the “REAL” must not miss the works."

this is the kind of stuff i want to be.

and here for interview