we defy the forecast

a tribute to lovely friends and perfect weather

happy birthday katie! if it weren't for you turning 19 today, i would not have left my dorm and experienced the gorgeous sun, weather, grass and picnic at central park today.

or had as much fun at the disney store and learned the great virtues of fake hair, mickey mouse dishware and kitchen gear and that i fit in cinderellas "glass" (plastic) slippers (plus all the other kid shoes...so if i ever desire to wear rainbow sequin shoes...)

or wondered why disney would try to rip off bearbrick. and do it so badly. and with such a lame title as "vinylmation." it's a mystery to me. i guess disney is trying to be trendy and keep "in" with the cool crowd beyond it's sparkling pink rings for little girls.

also: there are no starbucks along fifth ave from 59th st to 47th st.