moma: contemporary art

an exploration from toe to head with randy neiman and amy revealed an exhibition on contemporary art that i thoroughly enjoyed (mostly) and am actually learning how to appreciate slightly more abstract art. slightly.

klara liden - projects 89: a representation of a decaying slowly fading city made out of scrap trash found in cities. set upon white cube representative of its use in modern art. reminded me of lab.(silly mapping and orientation class at parsons) but in a well executed way. and thoughtful.

jose leovilson: to make your soul close to me
text says "to make your soul close.....it depends if your lips"
i just like the text. and the text.

arturo herrera: a knock
reminds me sooo much of disney
colors are brilliant, cut out of paper and pasted on. can look at it forever and not understand - which is great.

don't even know the artist or title of piece
i'm just attracted to bold grabbing typography.

alighiero e boetti: tapestry of the thousand longest rivers of the world
sooooo amazing - all of it's sewn!!! this huuge panel of text. more photos later?
i was impressed at moma : p

and randy and neiman and amy make good company.
there randy. you can skip all of this post and just read these two lines. hah.

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Hongjikita said...

ahhh your pics are inspiring!
I definitely NEEEEED to go to MoMA sometime soon.

p.s. love ur bloggggg charissss ma dearrrr :P!