sad apple facts

1. my cd drive was shot
2. i was aware it was going to be checked in for internal repairs
3. backed up everything on neha's hard drive cause mine comes in tomorrow
4. may get it back either tuesday or next sunday.....
5. without a computer what do i do?
6. i'm using nicole's at the moment


at least this is a beautiful place
and the concierge and the genius were both really really nice people : )
and my warranty covers the repairs


Cadhla said...

chareeces pieces! i wonder if your gdrive has a special compartment in your fytn? ;)

you could always store it in our potato sack of a winter coat!

i likey your blog! and i hope you feel infinitely better very soon, and that your gdrive gets better as well. if i dont see you, which i dont think i will, have a good break! dont freeze in syracuse :P

Cadhla said...

woops mixed up cd and g drive. i was going to say...if it was your gdrive again you have some awful luck

charis said...

awww thanks delaney! i'm so glad you read it ^^

hah our fytn SHOULD have a compartment for a harddrive - but at least there's a usb one for when you don't need (or lose) your harddrive hahah

i hope i get well sooon too

have fun over the break!