shalina looking sooo cute in cid's design

i apologize for the really bad bad quality photos. i did my best to get a good setting but i just couldn't figure it out. i know i was doing something wrong hah. oh well.

the key point of fusion 09 is that parsons won. which, in my opinion, they deserved to. the train of thoughts that ensued as fusion 09 proceeded:
opening / fit
- how do these people come up with these names for their collections? "sweet sweets"? "longing for fantasy"?
- hey the designer that won last year is pretty cool
- wow fit pulls out some really tacky stuff
- wooooow these models can noooot walk
- that model did NOT just give the judges a kiss at the end of the runway
- is that REALLY the wedding dress someone made?
- who comes up with these colors?
- ok...two pairs of pants
intermission / parsons
- ok goodie, four pairs of slacks and tailored jackets in neutral colors
- this is wearable at least and much more sensible
- oooooo cid!
- shalina is so cute
- parsons has to has to has to has to win.
announcement of winners
- fit honorary mention designer was HER!?!?!?
- ok...cross fingers....*disappointment for cid*
- wild applause!!!
. enough. let's go home.
all the parsons designers and the very hyper korean girl that won the parsons best designer. and the bubble dress...

EDIT// YES cid should have won best designer for parsons and YES the bubble dress did win. oh well. fusion is fusion.


the cool cats said...

correction miss charis,
"fit best designer was her?!?!"

fit shoud've been parsons. the fit designer was a guy, remember? he cried.....?


charis said...

oh riiiight whoops. my bad. i take it back. i meant the fit honorary mention designer hah
i think my last comment says enough about that dress...i have no energy to be upset.