two and four

the past two and a half days and three nights really passed me by. i wouldn't mind living them again. actually. the last five nights and four and half days flew over me. and though i know time will always have to move on, change will always come and nothing is ever at a standstill, i like to think that i could live the past five days on a loop if i wanted to.

i have a list of things in my life i think i desire. we won't go into that list but now i'm realizing what a person really needs in life is good company. good company makes great situations, time, places, food and exploration even more enjoyable and bad things more bearable.

i'm sure i'm not the first to come to this conclusion but this is the first i'm truly consciously acknowledging and reflecting upon it. i can't stomach or imagine being alone.

thank God for providing the people in my life.


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