what did we celebrate

it's halloween today. while i myself have no...real excitement in dressing up, prancing around and joining the crazy throngs of people that will flood the streets of manhattan tonight...i must say it's quite the affair for a good number of this city's population.

this is my thinking concerning parsons students in particular celebrating halloween: either you go all out with the costume or you do nothing at all. there is no in between half attempt.

(all images from site)

one article of news surrounding the festivities that did catch my eye was that the artist (body painter) andy golub will be painting a number of topless women for the 36th annual new york halloween parade for the third year running. they will ride around in two vehicles also painted by the artist and will apparently look like "surreal characters" (melodika) - and he's been doing this body painting in public spaces throughout new york since 2006! it'd be pretty interesting to catch him in action. not that i would volunteer to be one of his canvases...

anyway: happy halloween for those of you keen on dressing up and eating candy.
(the latter of which i am also a fan of...)

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