what did we peruse: tommy ton

i am about to unhesitatingly make the assumption that many of you that will read this post have also heard of/read/know something about JAK & JIL and thus have seen of style photographer tommy ton's work. only by perusing this site did i learn that my homecity (is that a phrase...) of hong kong and the power fashion chain lane crawford asked tommy ton to style hunt in hk!

thus - five of his hong kong fashion photos posted on the lane crawford blog

i picked my favorite of the ones he took in the city, supposedly the site will continue to post new ones. wish i could have caught a glimpse of him.

i imagine he spent a lot of time in causeway bay around times square...

oh red taxi. how i miss you and your low fares.

also: is it so awful of me that i think his photos taken in milan/paris/new york/london are so much better? or is it just hong kong style that i can't agree with? and what does that make me?


christal said...

some of these photos are cropped horribly. and why are they all of white people it looks so staged. maybe thats why it looks un/agreeable cause we know hk isn't really like that...swarming with white people in fashion..

charis said...

yeah. some of them are cropped really badly. i already tried to choose slightly better ones....and they ARE all of white people. it's crazy. mhm. oh well.

Amy + Dianne said...

LOVE his fresh perspective on fashion weeks' street style!


charis said...

on style.com?
i checked that out too - it was pretty good.

ebys said...

Nice post though ;)