what did we restart

image via ryumu
is queued on tumblr for sometime the next two days.

so here i have pulled out all the stops of online social networking and public interaction.

i've restarted using my tumblr.

some percent
(though the url is titled the same as this blog - whatdidwe)

and it's nice, as i explained to dearskye (when i reference you, would you prefer me to link to your tumblr/blogspot/other location? - here it leads to your tumblr since we're on the subject already, heh) in a recent post - tumblr is simple and quick and i can queue posts endlessly to post endlessly while i go about my day (which is also a tiny bit eerie but mostly convenient and cool)

also. who doesn't love a good image? or a good reblogged image? or just somewhere to share what you look at and light up inside about or look at and immediately respond and have to tell someone even if it is just typing out what you're thinking into unanswering cyberspace.

as you have noticed. i have added here a seemingly random image. it adds interest to this large amount of text and is also slightly related in that it is queued on my tumblr as well.

edit// also the bunny makes me smile


christal said...

eh, i don't really know. i guess it just depends on what about of me you're talking about. if it's me as a person, i prefer my blogspot, if it's tumblr related, then tumblr. oh, so confusing, but it makes sense when the context arises?

charis said...

it's the dilemma of our online lives. eheh.