what did we photograph

two part post: inspiration & inspired.


cade martin is an absolutely incredible photographer. these four images here are of his photos of the washington ballet reinterpreting the nutcracker and peter pan (and perhaps other such stories) for his photographs. and they're amazing. i should say less so you can look at them more.

found link to from devin castro

as i mentioned in the post below, i have restarted using my tumblr. and if you read the post below that one, you'll know i also just came back from LA. so that would be the two facts to know about me before you continue reading this post. and then it all makes sense.

i've lately been very fond of my dslr (canon xti 450D) and very happy to just pick it up at random and try to take a photo, even if this most often just takes place in my room...and the subject matter tends to be either typography, food or myself. i think i want to be good at photography and part of my brain is convinced that isn't where my talent lies. i'm aware of what i'm capable of and what i excel in and photography may be more of a hobby for me than something i can really push myself in.

all the same i am inspired.

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