what did we miss: LA

i recently returned from LA this past sunday evening and i still miss it.
partially, thanksgiving break was amazing simply because it was a break away from school, having to work, being on the computer, getting no sleep...stressing out...
but thanksgiving break was also amazing because i was in LA. and because of who i was in LA with.

it was great to get away from NYC. i love new york and i love manhattan still and i think i'm still a city girl - but i have to say that my three semesters at parsons in the city have worn away some of the love for new york. maybe it's just that right now in my life the city is associated with stress. and unending movement.

and LA is only associated with holiday. and good food. and sunny sunny warm weather. (and disneyland, go karting, more good food, dogs, video games, ben and his family...)

so yes. i miss LA and i mostly wish i wasn't here in NY right now. but that's okay. i believe it's alright for me to be in love with more than one city even if it does mean that my heart belongs in some way to four.

images my own - it was also nice to pull out the dslr

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christal said...

hello disneyland, home of my heart!