what did we watch: the september issue

just watched the september issue with six other girls from parsons and one girl from FIT. general conclusion? we love grace coddington. it's true.

but i have to admit. i also love anna. both anna wintour and grace are such strong, stubborn, genius women. the former has incredible management skills, the ability to organize, to be decisive, to be witty, is intelligent, creative, and very very capable of everything her job entails. the latter has mind blowing styling abilities, is an imaginative romantic to the fullest extent, knows how to consciously think out what works well and looks the best but also simply has instinctive intuitive taste that is 100% reliable.

i also loved seeing the forming on the september issue of amercian vogue (in brief because the almost 6 month process is condensed into a 90 minute film) from start to finish and all the photoshoots, obstacles and arrangements that took place during it's creation. it's an incredbly daunting task and unbelievably complex and practically scary and intimidating from my point of view. the idea of putting together that issue every year and putting all that passion and energy into it is difficult to comprehend.

my fascination with and desire to be in the fashion and magazine industry grows.

(good thing i got that fall nylon internship then)


charlotte said...

is it just for all of fall?

charis said...

all of fall semester.

sent all of the family an email btw.

delaney said...

i didnt know that! congrats on the internship!!!