what did we invent

two inventions i've recently decided the future should have:

1. a holographic furniture catalog.
a digital version of the thick paper edition IKEA has where the consumer / customer / potential furniture buyer can flip through (or scroll through on a digital screen!) and when they see something they kind of like they can conjure it up into a hologram of sorts - a 3d projection in real life that's not actually tangible - and really SEE it in the place they want it to be.

this eliminates guesswork in measurement and trying to see how certain pieces of furniture will look like next to each other. it also helps the consumer really understand the space they have to work within and the potentiality of various things they're not sure whether or not they really want.

2. image search engine.
i have images that i have no accreditation to them and i really want to be able to recognize and research more about the people that took / drew / designed those things. also, wouldn't it be great if you had an image of something that you had absolutely no information about and were able to be able to search that instead of needing some sort of title or weird description like "round yellow striped stone medallion red gem cyclops blah blah"

suddenly you'd be able to just take a photo of the thing you wanted to know more about, upload it and then search it in your handy image search engine! where instead of text - you have pictures. (c'mon google - pick up on this)

i honestly think these two inventions are brilliant. now for the technology.

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