what did we "ooo": met ball: model as muse

met ball: the model as muse

won't say much seeing as every other fashion / otherwise related blog has mentioned it.
for further referral: STYLE.COM MET BALL
(one photo juuust for A.)

alexander wang melts my heart - he's so cute
heidi klum: hottest pregnant woman ever?
coco rocha, margherita missoni, arlenis sosa, and brooklyn decker at margherita missoni's after-party at 1 Oak.
i do not much care who this girl is. but alexander wang? yeess
girl on right is dree hemingway (for chasingfivetwo)
agnyess deyn and twiggy!
so well dressed anne hathaway
chanel iman: super cute
ashley olsen: gorgeous dress and very apt
lastly: cute photo of richard chai and karolina kurokova


Amy + Dianne said...

ooo...i wonder which photo was for me??!


charis said...

ahahahahahha i wonder amy.
actually. if you want - you can consider them as all for you hah