what did we wear: UO

taking a break between classes when let out early by trying on three skirts and one dress at urban : ) - good quality and quantity clearance at the moment at the urban outfitters on 6h ave and 14th st - (tank top my own)

ended up buying the two skirts at the bottom and the grey tank dress - all super comfy and perfectly spring / summer for the way i'm feeling (yearning for) now

hurray for hot weather wear


. said...

i did the same. exact. thing. yesterday.

weakness: forever 21. urban was 2nd on my list but instead i forced myself to go home to study art history.

results: the shirt i wore to lab today :)


ps. love the outfits in these pics. did u wear the one gray skirt to lab? aaand love your hair here!!

charis said...

thank you thank you -
ahahahhaha i thought about that when i saw you actually - and yes i did wear the grey stripey skirt (bottom left) today! : )

f21 and UO are definitely weaknesses....

Amy + Dianne said...


1. what happened to the second skirt? didn't make the cut?
2. your hair looks amazingly curled at the bottom in all the photographs!


charpoon said...

i need more clothes too!!!!!